6 Dreamy outdoor shelves that can become the perfect plant nests

Make plants the stars of your balcony by adding them on dreamy and creative shelves. Because now we spend more time on  balconies or terraces, its time to make them even greater. Here are 6 dreamy outdoor shelves that can become the perfect plant nests:

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1. A calm day

These minimal shelves from IKEA work wonders in a simple, modern or Scandinavian terrace or balcony. Besides using them for your tiny or medium plants you can also serve you favorite drinks on them. So, arrange your dreamy plants and enjoy a fresh lemonade on your balcony while looking at their beauty.

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2. Green moments

This can represent a creative DIY project for you. All you need is an old or new wooden ladder where you can add tiny shelves for your plants. To make everything more artsy and creative add your plants in dreamy jars and mix them with decor items or gorgeous vases. Also, you can paint you dreamy ladder in any color you want or leave it in its natural shade.

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3. Bold cabinets

If you want to decorate your balcony with your favorite plants but also to have enough storage solutions, you can pick a big cabinet painted in bold colors. Choose any colors you want, but if you really want to match it with your plants choose the dreamy forest green or an Earthy inspired shade. Also, make this space more magical and elegant with white candles in different sizes.

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4. Relaxing days at home

A classy and minimal white shelf that looks like a bookcase is always a good idea especially for a traditional, minimal, Scandinavian or industrial balcony. Pick your favorite plants and match the flower pots you choose with the style of your balcony.

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5. Rattan moments

For a chic, stylish or glam balcony space think of a nature inspired shelf, like a trendy one made from rattan. This style will blend in perfectly with your favorite plants. So, make sure you keep a green and neutral color palette and mix and match your plants with nature inspired elements.

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6. The dreamy neutral ladder

For a small balcony think of a small ladder that you can make super dreamy. Choose medium and tiny plants and add them in nature inspired of chic jars. Match this dreamy arrangement with neutral furniture and calm looking deco elements for a relaxing terrace or balcony space.

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