5 Cool Home Coffee Station ideas

You love being a barista, trying all sorts of coffee mixes, cocktails, specialties and recipes? Well, than you definitely need to make your own cool home coffee station. Just gather around in one corner your coffee machine and all you need to make your favorite blend and make everything truly dreamy. Here are 5 ideas for you:

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1. Retro vibe

Give your coffee station a retro vibe! Add it on top of an elegant or retro table or cabinet and decorate it with retro inspired pieces like a painting or cool posters. Choose elegant mugs, cups and utensil and add also cute small green plants.

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2. Vintage vs modern

A vintage versus modern mix will look super cool for a coffee station. All the metallic elements you have in gold, silver or copper will shine blended with neutrals, making everything also glam and elegant. So, choose a vintage inspired cabinet and mix it with new cool pieces, modern artwork and tiny green plants.

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3. Nature vibe

Mix you favorite small plants with your favorite coffee elements and make a dreamy coffee station. Add it on a cart or medium side table and create a mobile coffee station that won’t take too much space in your home. Lovely, right?


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4. Industrial feeling

An industrial setting works our great with a coffee scenario. Choose an industrial inspired cabinet or shelf and pair with with your favorite coffee elements. Having a lot of neutral elements helps you add a pop of color with colorful details and green plants. Add this corner in your lovely kitchen space or in a corner of your living room.


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5. Nature feeling

If you have a nature inspired kitchen or living room and you love this calm style, blend your coffee station with nature inspired elements. Choose the same kind of elements for your mugs and coffee elements and, of course, go for a relaxed all neutral color palette.

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