8 Contemporary spaces painted in pink you will adore this season

A contemporary space and pink are the perfect blend. Pink is chic and cool and can make a contemporary space super dreamy. Also, calm and relaxing, pink, especially in a soft shade, is a must-have color to consider when decorating your contemporary home. So, here are 8 contemporary spaces painted in pink you will enjoy this season:

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1. The perfect hang out living room

Velvet sofas are a great investment and they make a space looking elegant and classy. A pink velvet sofa will match perfectly any kind of elegant living room, but it will also look amazing in a tropical combo with green and golden accents.

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2. Retro inspired kitchen

A retro kitchen with pastel accents will always look timeless. This kind of space looks super chic in a retro style, so pick a pink fridge, choose pink cabinets or think about any kind of pink retro accents that will make this space adorable and irresistible.

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3. On a minimal level

Pink is looking super dreamy in a minimal style with clear lines. That’s why it will be just perfect for a minimal or Scandinavian kitchen or living room. Pair it with neutral elements and add just a bit of gold is you want to make this kind of space really fancy.

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4. Calm day

Since pink is a calm shade, pick it for a relaxing bedroom. Pair it with minimal furniture and nature inspired elements and keep it as simple as possible. A great idea is picking pink for your sheets, pillow cushions or covers, anything that goes on the bed – since that area of this room should be the most relaxing one.

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5. Pink dream

Pink tiny or big tiles, pink marble and anything in this shade can make your bathroom space really magical. Bring a retro touch to this wonderful space and add a round mirror, golden elements and fabulous green plants. You will have a tiny pink paradise in your home.

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6. The pink dining room

Dine in pink in a calm and dreamy way. Choose pink chairs and pair them with a round table. Add pretty deco elements around your dining corner and decorate the table with flowers. Also, finish up the space with a statement chandelier added just on top of the table.

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7. Hello pink!

Choose a pink retro bathroom for your dreamy home and surprise your guests with cool items like a pink sink. This space will be perfect for a spa inspired bathroom with round mirrors, retro and round bath tubs and also fresh flowers and candles.

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8. Sweet dreams

Paint just a wall in your bedroom in pink. You can choose any corner of your bedroom and you can create a calm story around it. Add oversized green plants, artistic paintings, retro lamps, tiny home trees and anything that will make this contemporary room of your home stunning.

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