6 Cool stools to add in your gorgeous home

If you want a cool home piece of furniture that’s also practical, pick a trendy stool. These deco elements are a must-have piece in the last years working great as a stylish table or a small chiar. So, here are 6 cool stools to add in your gorgeous home:

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1. The velvet stool

One of these year’s favorites, the velvet stool is a great piece for a retro, classy or elegant home. Match it with your velvet chairs or sofa and glam it more along with golden elements. Add it next to your sofa and use it also as a small table to serve coffee, adding a golden tray and fancy cups on it.

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2. The furry stool

An Instagram and Pinterest favorite, the furry chair is a glam and cozy piece that can match a trendy bedroom, a stylish balcony, living room and office space. Also, you can make an interior more stylish with it matching this stool

with golden elements and also retro inspired mirrors. Use it also as a cool stool for your vanity space.

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3. The art deco stool

The art deco style is absolutely gorgeous and its popularity came back in the last years. It’s always a great idea for an invest in an art deco piece, even if its a stool and you can match it an in eclectic, retro or modern home. This piece will instantly become the main focus of any room you add it in.

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4. The rattan stool

This piece is ideal for a bohemian, retro or nature inspired space. It’s made of one of the most popular materials of this season and it has a summer and retro twist to in. Besides being cool, this kind of piece is super versatile being ideal for any room from a bedroom to a balcony.

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5. The textile stool

The textile stool is timeless, elegant and also truly versatile. Choose it for any room of your home and match it with the same color palette. Make it retro, Scandinavian or just eclectic and add as many of these stools as you wish in your dreamy home.

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6. The wooden stool

Super popular especially in the bathroom, this cute and chic stool can transform this space into a gorgeous home SPA. Math with with other nature inspired furniture and deco elements, green plants and fresh flowers and create a calm and relaxing space in your home.

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