6 Gorgeous side table styling ideas you will be smitten with this season

Side tables are the dreamy furniture items that helps us organize our home, making it also more beautiful. They are useful in our entryway, hallway, in a reading corner or next to a sofa, so here are six Gorgeous side table styling ideas you will be smitten with this season:

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1. The golden era

A golden side table is the definition of elegance and it will look amazing next to a oversized framed picture. Decorate it with a retro inspired lamp in the same retro shape, a fancy key tray and other elegant or glam deco elements that will make this set up even more fabulous.

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2. Golden moments

Make a indoor terrace using woven or wooden chairs and a side table with the same materials. To emphasize the nature vibe, decorate this natures inspired table with a small tree in a fabulous golden jar and other cool natures inspired elements made from wood, stone or rattan.

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3. Art deco love

Felling very artistic? Then, choose an extravagant side table or paint a neutral one your self using bold colors or an easy to do creative print like dots or stripes. Decorate it with pottery vases or jars, creative flowers and colorful candles or crystals. It’s all about getting creative, colorful and daring.

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4. Retro moments

If you love the vintage style, its time to get retro! Choose a retro inspired bar cart instead of a side table and decorate it with a vintage inspired lamp, elegant candles, a glam tray, books and any retro inspired elements.

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5. The wooden side table

Instead of a nighstand, pick a side table for your bedroom. It will look very simple, minimalistic, it won’t make the room feel very crowded and will also look pretty stylish. Decorate it with a neutral vase with reed, elegant round candles and the perfect books to read before bed time.

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6. Let the outdoor indoors!

Another outdoor-indoor idea perfect for spring is choosing a terrace inspired side table and making it boho and vacation look alike. Decorate it with green plants, sea inspired decorations and a vintage radio that will keep feel like you’re in a constant vacation.

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