6 Playful and Chic woven swing ideas for your home

Often spotted in gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces, woven swings are now a must-have for any interior from a Scandinavian Living room to a modern bedroom or a bohemian or ethno space. So, check out six playful and chic woven swing ideas for your home:

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1. Cozy all the way

Make an ethno bedroom with a cozy feeling, even cozier. Instead of a nook, choose a woven swing in the stylish black and decorate it with chic round pillows and a stylish furry cover. Add other cozy textures and volume all around the room and choose a knitted cover with frills for your bed and decorate your bedroom with an ethno inspired rug.

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2. Relaxing moments

If you have a tiny apartment that’s very crowded make a relaxing oasis in its middle by choosing a woven swing. It will be your escape spot so choose a relaxing vibe for it by decorating in an ethno way: using patterned covers and pillows.

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3. Art deco vibe

How about a trendy mix between glam and ethno elements? Nothing easier! Mix glam art deco inspired elements with minimal furniture and add ethno accents all around the room. Also make your relaxing ethno looking woven chair more glam with a velvet pillow in an art deco shape. So dreamy!

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4. Nature feeling

Get inspired for your relaxing corner by the dreamy nature and Moroccan culture. Choose a Moroccan inspired mirror and furniture and decorate the whole space with nature inspired deco elements and a neutral color palette. As for the dreamy woven swing, stick to the same shades and a Moroccan pillow cushion and a furry cover.

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5. Round and cool

The woven swing that look like a giant egg is the coolest one you can pick right now. Make it the star of one of the corners of your living room or bedroom and decorate it with velvet pillows in retro colors and a furry cover. Match this dreamy corner with a velvet ottoman and a relaxing dining space that will make the whole space looking super calm.

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6. A dream in beige and white

Get in the newest trend and keep your home as minimal as possible and styled with nature inspired elements. Make a Zen corner with a woven swing and decorate it in the coziest way possible: with an oversized knitted cover and ethno pillows with frills. Stick with white and beige and just enjoy the calm vibe of this space.

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