5 Chic ideas for your living room layout

Forget the classic layout rules of the living room – one sofa and one coffee table – and get creative and more practical! We bring you five chic ideas for your living room layout that will make this interior comfy, relaxing and super welcoming, check them out:

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1. Choose two sofas

If you love having guests around and you have a big group of friends think of a cool layout of two sofas facing each other. This layout is also a great conversation starter or perfect for playing pair games. You don’t even have to match the sofas, choose two in the same style and you can even pick two different colors especially if we are talking neutrals or pastels. Add a stylish coffee table between them and separate this chic space with a classy or ethno inspired rug.

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2. Choose ottomans

We call them ottomans or footstools, but this tiny and round piece of furniture is a stylish multi functional piece great for extra sitting, as an extra table or even it can be a great storage solution, if you choose one that opens. So, pick one or more ottomans for your living room and store them as an extra table or chair next to your sofa. This year the chicest one you can pick is one with fringes or a velvet one, it will add an instant glam vibe in your home and it can be paired with almost everything.

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3. Create an ”U” shape using a sofa + some chair and a daybed

Another cool way to create a fun, welcoming and socializing space is arranging your sofa, chairs and even daybed in an ”U” shape. Think of fancy armchairs, cool and relaxing ottomans and a chic daybed, all in the coolest colors of the year and with the same style – whether you want a classy one, a Seventies inspired look or an elegant one. Surround this space with fabulous oversized green plants, a matching gallery wall and style your coffee table in a chic way.

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4. Pick fancy armchairs instead of a sofa

Armchairs are always a great option for your home, especially your living room. And, sometimes their elegance suffice! So, imagine a tea salon or intimate space and instead of a sofa choose two armchairs. They don’t have to be identical so this season go super artsy and choose armchairs in bold shades, round shapes and creative prints.

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5. Choose a dreamy woven swing

For a playful living space in an ethno, boho or Scandinavian style, choose a woven swing. It’s a chic piece that will help you daydream and relax more, so make sure you make it super stylish and cozy with furry covers and chic pillows, all in neutral shades. Pair it with more rattan pieces and nature inspired elements and enjoy the calm vibe your living room will have.

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