8 Earthy toned small deco arrangements that wow us on Pinterest

The earthy toned small deco arrangement are all around Pinterest and they wow us with their artsy, nostalgic and relaxed look. So looking at our favorite ones we got eight styling tips that will help you arrange best these pretty items you see so often on Pinterest:

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1. Perfumes, line art and nature inspired elements

Make an artsy corner where the main focus are the beauty elements. Pick your favorite beauty products and perfumes and surround them with line or abstract art in neutrals an Earthy shades. Surround them with nature inspired elements and you will love to admire this relaxing and stylish corner of your home.

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2. Book styling

Because the new trends are being more and more about art, style your favorite hardcover books and albums with artsy objects and pottery elements. Choose a neutral color scheme and match them it white, black or other soft shades when choosing the book and other cool deco elements like leaves, reed or tree branches.


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3. The cool and abstract coffee table

For a modern and abstract home decorate your coffee table with cool and neutral elements like a chic Earthy tones vase filled with reed, white candles, neutral bowls and other soft looking or nature inspired elements. Match it with a grey sofa with Earthy toned pillows and hang abstract and neutral art around it.

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4. Rattan and reed

Two of the trendiest elements you can choose right now for your home are a rattan chair and some cool reed in a minimal or pottery inspired vase. Match them with black and white books, photos and magazines and relax and read in this chic corner of your home.

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5. Sophisticated look

Use a tiny white sculpture to store your necklaces and choose tiny and stylish places for your rings and bracelets. Style chic beauty corner with neutral scented candles and neutral tree branches.

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6. In a retro way

Make a neutral retro corner using a bistor chairs a round vintage inspire mirror and antique art and paiting. Make everything more cool with green leaves in a neutral vase and dreamy neutral candles.

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7. The cozy office

Decorate your office with tiny green plants in neutral and nature inspired pots and match them with line art and tiny deco elements in Earthy shades. Also, match this dreamy tiny arrangement with a retro rattan chair and a furry cover.

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8. Dreamy lights

Make one of your neutral home corners even cozier and more magical and glam. Choose a tiny marble & gold side table and decorate it with line art in golden frames.  Choose dreamy oversized reed, some trendy small sculptures and surround everything with neutral lights.

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