8 Amazing lounge chairs your will be smitten with

Wanna relax more often and also have a fabulous home with cool details? Well, then one or two lounge chairs will do the trick and they will make one of the corners of your home pretty chic. So, check out eight amazing chairs you will be smitten with this season:

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1. Minimal meets the seventies

If you wanna think about retro chairs, the seventies era had chairs with super creative shapes, wood details, geometrical details and all their models had timeless style and class. So, pick one for your lounge area or living space and mix them with mid century elements and minimal furniture and decorations.

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2. Comfy day

If you want the perfect lazy day at home pick a comfy armchairs that has also a small ottoman on its extension. Emphasize on its comfy vibe and decorate it with pillows in a neutral color scheme and with soft or relaxing looking textures. Also, make this space a relaxing oasis with a lot of green plants and small home trees.

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3. Trending right now

If you want a cool home focus on trending items and make a chic corner that has all this years big hits and popular trends. Focus on a round woven lounge chair and decorate it with comfy pillows. Make this space more attractive and trendy with line art, green plants and deco elements made with nature inspired materials.

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4. Woven for the win

Woven chairs are a big hit right now so search for rattan and raffia chairs when decorating your living room or dining space. Match this chic chairs with green plants modern lamps, an elegant sofa and black and white art and enjoy your trendy home.

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5. Art deco moments

For a glam, trendy and breathtaking space choose a velvet art deco chair in a shade of pink. Match it with abstract art in earthy shades and decorate the whole space with round and geometrical shapes inspired from the art deco style. Also, make the space more relaxing looking with deco items made from nature inspired elements.

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6. Modern vibes

An industrial chair will look very cool and modern in any living space or home. Make it more cozy for the winter with furry pillows and covers in a neutral color scheme an match it with industrial and Scandinavian furniture and deco elements, green plants and a soft color palette.

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7. Mid century look

A mid century inspired chair is a timeless option you cannot go wrong with. Match it with industrial deco elements and mid century furniture and enjoy a relaxing and also very elegant day at home.

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8. Green and glam

If you want a dreamy velvet lounge chair, green is the trendiest shade you can pick right now. It will make your home pretty glam so match it with golden details and also black and white accents and create a home garden around this gorgeous chair with a lot of green plants and framed pictures of inspiring green spaces.

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