7 New chic ways to decorate with pink in the New Year

I can’t get enough of pink. At first, this shade seemed impossible, but since I used it more and more I enjoy its versatility, chic vibe and the relaxing mood it brings to any space of a home. So, consider it’s dreamy shades in 2020 and also add more pink accents in your hove if you already have them. To help you out with new inspiring ideas, here are seven new chic ways to decorate with pink in the New Year:

1. Pink velvet elements

Velvet is still huge and it will still be a big hit in 2020. We just love pink velvet, especially when talking about velvet chairs, armchairs, sofas or bed frames. They make a home super chic and dreamy and they can be super versatile!

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2. Round pink velvet pillows

Speaking about velvet, your home should definitely have some round velvet pillows or some retro chic oval ones. They make a living room look sophisticated, glam and retro and they can make any study or office space even fancier, starting with an elegant armchair decorated with a pillow like that.


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3. Pink and rattan

Pink and rattan is absolutely fabulous for a bohemian or glam inspired home. Mix pink furniture with rattan mirrors or lamps, woven elements and even raffia. Everything will look chic and relaxing!

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4. Pink and gold

One of the fanciest options you can choose when decorating with pink is pairing it up with gold. It looks art deco chic, glam and can bring a luxury vibe into any home. It look bright, glam and can work for any room, from a fabulous living room, a dressing, a retro inspired bathroom or a bar area.

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5. Pink, grey and marble

This modern combo is a big hit right now. Try it for your new home, a luxury inspired space, a living room, bedroom or dining area. You will love its sophisticated and timeless vibe and also the calm vibe in can bring to your home. For a dreamy outcome, think about hiring renovations experts.

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6. In a mid century kind of way

Mid century elements are still rocking, so instead or the classic grey mid century inspired elements, why not try pink ones? They look just as good and they work wonders with Nordic nature inspired elements like wood or rocks.

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7. Pink color accents

A pink wall is that new and different touch you need in an apartment. For 2020 make you interior bright and happy and match pink walls with the trending yellow. Or, you can go for a retro scheme and match pink walls with seventies inspired colors. If you’re more of a minimal and Scandinavian fan, don’t worry, pink walls will look great with neutrals and grey, making everything trendy and modern.

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