Top 10 – The prettiest bedrooms summer can bring

Because I love home decor and obviously have a crush on bedrooms, I tough about celebrating the first month of summer with a top. So, check out the bedrooms that inspired me this summer and also I hope they will also inspire you in creating the perfect escape and relaxing interior for this new season:

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1. Neutral vibe

If you love neutral go gray! Mix grey with white and green flowers and make this space really cool with a statement grey rug and your favorite neutral framed pictures.

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2. Calm mood

If you’re looking for the most calm you can get in your bedroom match the Scandinavian style with the Japadi one. Also, make this space super stylish by choosing a statement mirror that will bring more light into this space.

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3. Velvet dream

I always love velvet, especially for your bed and this season you should choose the darling pink for your bed frame. Match it with a calm pastel and think of the chic color combo blue and pink.

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4. Bold accents

If you are an eccentric, this summer go bold in your bedroom. Think about extravagant colors and add them on your walls or pick them for your deco items and furniture. Also, math them with floral details and a statement painting.

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5. Aristocratic dream

The perfect dream for this season is waking up in a castle. Well, nothing easier! All, you have to do is make an aristocratic inspired corner in you lovely home by choosing a daybed, velvet elements and fabulous flowers and plants.


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6. Retro look

This season you can go as retro as you wish. So, choose a fabulous vintage bed and hang retro inspired accessories all around it. Everything will look truly dreamy!

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7. Minimal day

Roses are pink and the perfect bedroom has a minimal twist to it! So, all you need for a cool bedroom are some cool terracotta sheets, you favorite summer flowers and a round mirror.

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8. Blue art

Summer should be like a blue symphony, so make your bedroom truly calm and paint in blue. Also, make this space truly chic and artsy by hanging artistic or abstract pictures and picking wooden furniture.

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9. Summer fantasy

Transform a shabby chic bedroom into the ultimate summer fantasy with a floral wallpaper. Also, make this space more bohemian by surrounding your bed with green plants in different sizes.

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10. 3D Spirit

Taking you in a fairy tale fantasy this bedroom is absolutely surreal! So, this season choose floral 3D wallpaper and make your bedroom looking like a magical garden.

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