The perfect six outdoor spaces for this warm season

As your life moves outdoor s it’s time to make your terrace truly dreamy. Think about magic, lights and candles and set the mood for the perfect midnight summer dream. Here are six outdoor spaces that will inspire you this summer:

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1. Calm vibe

Mix the dreamy Scandinavian style with shabby chic influences and create a darling outdoor setup. Choose neutral furniture, a rattan coffee table and decorate the space with shabby chic deco elements and your favorite summer flowers.

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2. Hygge spirit

The hugge vibe is perfect for an outdoor space where at night time it gets a little bit cold. So, make a day bed out of different pillows, ottomans or just make it from a mattress and decorate it with neutral pillows and a dreamy cover in an ethno print. Add also dreamy lights around the space and lovely candles added in creative deco jars.

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3. Scandinavian influences

The Scandinavian style is always a good idea for the outdoor space. Start with a round chic rug, add also a round rattan ottoman on it and add also a mix of round tables. Style everything with dreamy trays, candles and Scandinavian inspired deco elements and choose a lot of flowers and colorful plants for this dreamy terrace.

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4. Forest inspired nostalgia

Make your lovely terrace looking like the perfect camping area in a dreamy forest. Choose wooden deco elements, give a multipurpose to different deco elements using them as sitting areas, storage solutions or tables and surround this dreamy space with lights and candles placed in bird cages.

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5. Moroccan look

The Moroccan style is super popular right now, especially because it looks super calm and also gives a happy vibe to a space. So, start with a statement rug and choose rattan furniture, oversized plants and Oriental elements for this dreamy space that will help you have an exotic and unforgettable summer.

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6. Seventies inspiration

This summer go retro and make a Seventies looking outdoor terrace. Pick fabulous armchairs made of velvet and match them with rattan elements that emphasize of the beauty of summer. As for the color scheme, mix terracotta shades with the beautiful green nature.

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