7 Tricks to give your home the perfect summer feeling

Celebrate summer in a great way and give your home a dreamy vibe that shows off this lovely season. Show in every room that you enjoy summer by adding special touches that will make your home fresh, stylish and of course, super dreamy! Here are seven tricks for a summer home:

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1. Add gorgeous plants all around the room

A fresh vibe, an exotic feeling and a great boho touch, plants are great for your summer home especially the tropical ones or the small trees you can add in a pot. Add them next to your bed, in a corner of your living, in your bathroom and of course, in your balcony.

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2. Make an appealing dining space

Start your morning with a breakfast in a dining space surrounded with plants and your favorite summer flowers. Decorate the table also with fruits and add colorful vegetables around the room. Make this space looking like a chic pub or coffee shop and invite your friends over for a cute home gathering.

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3. Mix artsy and boho details

This summer go artsy in any room of your home. Moreover, in the summer season you tend to make your living room more bohemian so now, you get to mix this style with artistic elements. Match printed rugs with colorful abstract paintings, green plants with creative antiques and rattan elements with a retro ladder painted in a gorgeous color.

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4. Add a recreational corner in your bedroom

This corner can be perfect for make-up, for beauty products, but even for reading, painting or looking at dreamy memories. This corner means relaxing moments in your busy life so choose neutrals and fresh flowers for it and add framed or artistic pictures on the wall next to it.

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5. Add cute ethno rugs

Ethno rugs are a summer’s favorite so choose them for your kitchen floor, add them next to your bed or add a mix of them in your balcony or terrace. Match them with ethno baskets, candles and plants and create a fairy tale vibe you will love this summer.

6. Choose open shelves for your kitchen

Inspired by the French chic style, open shelves are absolutely lovely for summer. Mix and match the prettiest dishes, glasses and mugs with small plants and dreamy deco items and create the perfect setup that will make you want to hang out more in your kitchen to make lemonade or try out new summer recipes.

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7. Make a gorgeous table setting

Whether we are talking about the outdoor or indoor or you need to have a fresh and summer themed table setting. Think about flowers, green details, botanical or ethno prints and a pop of color by placing on the table fruits or vegetable or even a gorgeous lemonade. Moreover, choose summer inspired dishes and napkins and also fancy glasses that start a summer home themed party!

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