8 Floral print murals that describe best the summer in your dreamy home

This summer is all about an artistic vibe and beautiful flowers. But, we’re not talking just about flowers in beautiful vases or the darling floral print, this season is also about dreamy murals and the floral wallpaper that will make your home summer ready. Here are eight gorgeous ideas for you.

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1. Sleep tight

If you have a white or neutral bedroom, a gorgeous and artistic floral mural will make this room really stand out! Think of the sky and nature inspired colors and make this relaxing room really stunning!

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2. Colorful days

A colorful and floral mural can transform a minimal interior into a joyful summer space. Moreover, each neutral item will stand out better in a colorful space, so think of this cool idea for any kind of interior. Also, if you want a little more glam, add golden deco elements like a dreamy lamp or pendant.

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3. Retro bedroom

If you love the retro style, but also the romantic ad feminine touches you should choose a floral wallpaper for your bedroom. The colorful wall will work perfectly with vintage inspired or restored furniture making you feel like living in a fabulous mention.

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4. 3D Touch

If you want a modern home, the new and cool wallpaper with a 3D effect is just perfect for you. Pick a floral one and add it in a retro inspired home, it will bring an elegant and vintage twist to this wonderful interior.

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5. Minimal dream

Choose a fairy tale inspired wall mural and match it with some minimal and chic furniture. Everything will look surreal and you will feel like living your own fairy tale.

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6. Dine in style

Imagine every day starting in a bistro inspired space with a floral mural in pastel shades. Besides looking dreamy, this interior can also bring a calm and relaxed vibe into your modern home.

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7. Aristocratic feeling

Enjoy summer in an aristocratic inspired living space with a floral wallpaper. Pick a velvet sofa for this lovely interior and match your sofa pillows with the colorful wallpaper. Also, add around the room deco items that share the same colors,  like elegant candles or dreamy photo albums.

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8. Italian vibe

Think of the chic Italian style and choose a floral mural that mixes flowers and fruits for your lovely bathroom. Also, make it more artistic by adding artsy paintings in this space and also choose green plants and floral to personalize this chic space.

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