5 Reasons why the colorful gallery wall trend is so popular right now

This season we get more creative in interior design, but especially when creating our home gallery wall. This new year is all about color and an artsy vibe when creating the perfect gallery wall, so here are five reasons why we love this new happy, retro inspired and optimistic trend:

1. It bring a modern touch in a retro space

We love retro spaces, but they always need to have that modern touch to look great and fresh. So, a good idea to make a retro space more modern is choosing a colorful gallery wall featuring cool movie posters, famous pictures, logos or commercials, all in modern and cool shades or prints.

2. It brings color in a neutral interior

We definitely love a neutral interior, but this season let’s give it a little bit more color, especially in the spring time. So, add a colorful gallery wall around a neutral sofa featuring cute drawings, artistic pictures and images that really inspire you or focus on a spring theme.

3. This kind of gallery wall features the eclectic trend that’s so popular right now

This season embrace the eclectic trend for a happy and optimistic home that will definitely stand out. Pair mid century elements with Scandinavian furniture, retro deco items and boho touches and add a colorful gallery wall next to them. Also, a colorful gallery wall will be the element of unity between all these styles.

4. It gives contrast and personality to a dark room

Because a lot of us really love a dark room painted in the gorgeous dark grey, this kind of room also needs a dreamy contrast. So pair a dark wall or dark furniture with a colorful gallery wall in bold or pastel shades and you will love this creative design mix.

5. It helps you be more creative

There is nothing more creative than making a gallery wall, especially a colorful one where you need to find the perfect blend and color balance. So think about tree colors and mix them up and pick a main theme or just mix and match art and framed pictures that really inspire you or go with your style.

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