8 Dreamy bathrooms that bring a calm vibe in the cold season

In the cold season bring a calm vibe into your dreamy home by choosing a bathroom that looks cool, simple, stylish and very relaxing. From luxurious bathtubs to beautiful house plants, there are lots of options for you. Make this space your home sanctuary where you can escape problems and think about the future. Here are eight dreamy ideas for your calm bathroom space:

1. Soft green

Pick a soft pastel shade for your bathroom, especially soft green or blue, two shades that go perfectly with the cold season. Add also glam and retro touches, pick a vintage tub, golden chairs and old school inspired bath curtains.

2. Set up the mood

Set up the mood in your dreamy bathroom and make it the perfect sanctuary for relaxing in the cols season. Add ambient lights, choose scented candles and add tiny and oversized plants all around the space.

3. Minimal dream

Choose and all white minimal bathroom with just a few accent from every style: o bohemian rug, cool bathroom plants, retro inspired towels and dreamy green plants.

4. Farmhouse vibe

The farmhouse style always looks pretty relaxing and work wonders also in the cold season. So in a minimal bathroom add autumn flowers and plants, knitted covers, wooden elements and a lot of brown accents. You will love this relaxed and fresh look!

5. Bohemian look

This look is perfect for the summer nostalgic who love to keep the calm bohemian vibe in the bathroom during the cold season. So, decorate your dreamy bathroom with printed rugs, oversized plants and a cute wooden table for reading and a small storage wooden chair.

6. SPA feeling

Choose Spa elements for your calm cold season bathroom and make this room really feel special. Add a round wooden chair, perfect white towels, a dreamy chandelier and adorable printed towels.

7. Dramatic space

Take a calm moment to relax in a dramatic space in black and white and let the elegance of this room really give you joy. Match these classy colors with green oversized plants and boho carpets, elements that will make this interior super dreamy!

8. Elegant moments

Match a super elegant black bathtub with subway tiles. This modern combo will look lovely and relaxing so pair it also with a lot of oversized plants for and exotic look.

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