5 Cool ideas to brighten up your apartment

A bright space looks pretty, inviting and more spacious, so keep in mind this fact when decorating your dreamy apartments. So, to help you out, we gathered five cool ideas for a brighter apartment:

1. Mix & Match lights

A bright and white light is never enough in one room; you always have to keep in mind also the ambient light. So, besides a bright chandelier that also looks gorgeous and creative think about big floor lamps that you can place next to the sofa or the reading area and small reading lamps you can add on your nightstand or next to an armchair. Also, if you have a small apartment, avoid chandeliers or light bulbs that hang really low, those are great in rooms with a high ceiling and in really spacious environments.

2. Think about a bright color scheme

If you have e small room go with white for your ceiling and walls and add colorful accents around the space. If you really want one color, paint just one of your walls in a happy color that really creates a great contrast with white – like yellow or dark blue. If you really don’t want white, choose color tones that are really close to white or soft pastels.

3. Choose the right furniture

From see through tables to glass furniture, the optical illusion from the deco items you pick really increase the space of your room. Also, lighter fabrics and the neutral colors you choose for your furniture really help brighten up your space.


4. Mix & Match mirrors

Rather than a gallery wall filled with framed pictures, choose one made out of mirrors. It will look super cool and any room will seem brighten and bigger. Mirrors reflect light really great so choose as many as you wish. Choose vintage statement mirrors that you can add on the floor on a large space or thin and long mirror you can add in any corner of your home.

5. Make less clutter

As Mark of Warner Quinlan explains, a crowded space will always seem darker than one that’s super organized and has areas of empty space. The light will come through such areas and brighten up the room.

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  1. Hi Silvia,
    I am glad that you used mirrors, it is the most amazing thing which ALWAYS FASCINATES ME, I usually see a big mirror for decor, but still I really find it interesting to use small mirrors with different geometric shapes which can fill my wall.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!