Getting ready for fall – 5 Trends to look forward to

This fall think about a luxurious vibe when it comes to your dreamy home. A lot of trends focus on an elegant and refined note that will make your home looking like one from dreamy home deco magazines. And because the fall colors go so great with gold, this shiny color is a big hit this season so make sure you include it in your redecorating ideas. So, here are five big trends to look forward to in the new season:

1. Golden details

It’s a gold mine out there with all the golden details used for the kitchen space, the living room or bedroom in any item, texture or wall you can think about. So, get inspired by this dreamy material and get some glow and a luxury vibe in your lovely home


2. Mid century chandeliers

The mid century chandeliers are dreamy and fabulous and they make the perfect statement deco pieces for your living room or dining space. Match them with velvet furniture, colors that look like gemstones or pastel touches and you will have a luxury and elegant interior.

3. Veined marble

So French chic, classy elegant like the dreamy fall, the veined marble is perfect for your autumn kitchen or dining space. Pair it with black and white furniture for a dramatic look, or with pastels such as pink for a nostalgic and chic vibe in your home. Also, add metallics next to the veined marble to get a luxury like dining area.

4. Floor to ceiling storage space

Whether we are talking about the kitchen or the bedroom space, the floor to ceiling storage space is a necessary thing in a crowded room, especially in fall when you tend to hide all the summer stuff away. So think about hidden cabinets or closets in a minimal design were everything is secretly hidden away or pick open shelves, especially for the kitchen and show all your favorite items in a dreamy way.

5. Unusual color combos

Being the year of ultra violet and with so many ’80 influences, this season think about funky color combos and start mixing them out in your dreamy home. Be bold, be daring and make a dramatic interior that will pop up immediately in anyone’s eye.

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