7 Dreamy mirrors that are trendind right now

Beautiful deco items that also show how you look and can also optically increase the space of your home, mirrors are the dreamy items you always need in your home. So, we thought about seven stylish models that are trending right now and we’re going to show you how to style them, take a look:

1. Peruvian artisan mirror

This oriental inspired mirror with gold or colorful frames and creative shapes can make your home pretty and full of personality They’re are also pretty versatile and can work great in a boho, Californian, modern or even mid century inspired home.

2. Parisian chic mirror

This beautiful French inspired mirror can represent a statement in a modern or classy home or in a cute stylish loft. So, pick an oversized mirror with a golden frame and add it in a fancy living room or chic bedroom and you will love the dreamy result!

3. The diamond mirror

In a beautiful shape and with a retro look, the diamond mirror looks great in pairs and its great in an industrial, seventies or classy home where you want to show a creative touch.

4. The perfect round mirror

Frameless or with a neutral or golden frame, the round mirror is perfect for any kind of interior and you can easily add it on top of your desk, vanity cabinet or next to your living room gallery wall.

5. The practical floor mirror

Add a rectangular mirror with any kind of frame you wish on your bedroom or living room. It will look great paired with some pictures left also on the floor and it will definitely increase this room’s space.

6. Puzzle mirror

Added in any shape you wish, this mirror in a geometric form can create any puzzle you wish and can decorate in a dreamy way vintage style home or an industrial or modern one. Add this kind of mirror next to your dressing, make-up table or desk or in your hallway or living room and you will love the unique result.

7. The minimal mirror

Perfect for a minimal or Scandi home, the minimal mirror has a neutral frame, in a classic shape and can be added in any kind of space from a modern bathroom to a chic bedroom.

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