8 Dreamy bathroom ideas you need for your Spring home

It has to be spring everywhere in your dreamy home, so let’s start with a modern bathroom that can look like a paradise, a spa or just the perfect relaxing space for this season. Here are eight gorgeous ideas for you:

1. Spring vanity

If you have a big space for your bathroom make a cute vanity where you can do your makeup or get pretty for spring. To make the space more stylish, add printed tiles and cute colorful carpets. Bring your bathroom to the next level.

2. Retro moment

Add dreamy tree branches around your bathroom and also cute artistic framed pictures. If you love the retro look, choose dreamy golden mirrors and also stylish tiles with mid century prints.

3. Romantic mood

Decorate a dreamy neutral bathroom with roses, peonies or tulips to give a fresh spring vibe to the space. Add also scented candles around the space and pick stylish bottles for your bathroom products.

4. The fish wallpaper

Since the aquatic elements are a huge trend this season, pick fish motifs for your dreamy bathroom. Special wallpapers, a cute hanged picture or even a fish tank will make this space looking like a part from the beautiful sea.

5. The cute oriental carpet

Add a cute carpet with oriental prints in your lovely bathroom and also a cute small chair where you can keep books, candles and gorgeous towels, anything that can make you relax after a busy week at work.

6. Exotic dream

Add mosaic lookalike tiles in your dreamy bathroom and mix them with oversized plants and cute oriental elements to feel like being in a tropical spa.

7. Spa feeling

Pick only neutral colors with a touch of soft pink for a dreamy bathroom that looks like a Spa. Add also cute wooden details like a table or a small chairs and cute pink deco items.

8. Mid century details

Make a very elegant spring bathroom by adding mid century details like a statement mirror, a small table or a splendid vanity. Pick also pink ass the main shade of the room and choose it for the shower curtain, candles, deco objects and towels.

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