8 Wall colors for a dreamy and elegant home

Looking to paint or redecorate your home? For your fun project you will need to know the coolest wall shades that will make your home dreamy, trendy and most of all, elegant. From light and dreamy shades, to relaxing colors or dark and mysterious tones, there is the perfect wall color for everybody and we hope our suggestion will help you find the ideal one.

deep green wall

1. Cameo pink

This sophisticated and cool shade will make you home look absolutely dreamy! Its name comes from vintage cameos and as those beautiful pieces this shade will also add a touch of elegancy into your home and will work great for a living room or a bedroom. As for color pairing, it works great with dark blue, violet or grey.

cameo pink living room

2. Warm blush

This very popular shade is perfect for a dreamy bedroom, a trendy living room or a retro kitchen. Its name comes from the beauty color blush and as the popular product, this pretty pink color is meant to bring more beauty and shape into your ideal home. For a perfect mix combine it with white, silver or copper.

warm blush interior

3. Corn silk

Being a calm and elegant shade, Corn Silk is perfect for your kitchen, dinning space, entryway or living room. Also, is ideal for rooms with big windows and goes greet paired with green, beige or white. Moreover, it will give a cozy, warm and refined feeling to your dreamy home.

corn silk walls

4. Relentless Olive

This is a very elegant shade that works great for a classy or vintage interior filled with a lot of antique furniture or works of art. Try it also on a retro bathroom, an elegant bedroom, a living room or dining area. This color will remind you of the nature and a space painted in this shade is meant to be a very relaxing one. Pair it with white, brown or black for an elegant look.


relentless olive wall

5. Deep green

This shade is very cool and works great for any kind of space, especially a kitchen or living room. It’s very close to emerald green and works really well when paired with beige, white or grey. Being a very versatile shade, you can use it in modern and traditional spaces. Also, for an even greener vibe mix it with a lot of plants.

deep green space vover 2

6. Rainstorm

This classy shade works great with white, yellow, grey, gold, silver or beige. It’s a very rich shade used in a glam space such as a walk in closet, a living room, bedroom, elegant bathroom or chic balcony. A space painted in this color will look very contemporary but will also have a dramatic vibe that will capture all the attention.

rainstorm wall space

7. Dark iris

When blue meets grey, you get a shade with a touch of purple named Dark iris. It works greet for rooms where the sun shines very bright and you need a darker tone for your walls. You can mix it with green, raspberry or hot pink and is also the perfect alternative for people who love black walls.

dark iris

8. Parma gray

This elegant and calm shade is perfect for relaxing spaces such as the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, terrace or balcony. It works really well with white, blush pink or silver and will give a peaceful and sophisticated vibe to any interior.

parma gray

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