6 Flamingo spaces that will make you dream about a tropical home

It’s summer time so we have to make our home feel a little more tropical than before. And what better way to quickly refresh your dreamy home than with some cool flamingo elements. They are pretty, fun and very pink and you will love to make your home look more exotic with this cute items. Here are some ideas:

flamingo framed picture deco item

1. Go pink!

To make a room feel more exotic you can start by picking wallpaper with flamingos or event paint 2 or three of them on the wall. And, if you really love pink, go with matching furniture and you will have a dreamy and pastel living space.

pink flamingo room and wallpaper

2. Exotic mood

A flamingo deco piece that you can hang on the wall will go great in a room filled with pastel deco objects. Mix pink with blue, yellow and add lots of white for a bright and tropical space. Fancy, right?

pastel livin room with flamingo

3. Flamingo business

With just a fun pillow with a flamingo you can transform your whole neutral living room into a creative and exotic space. Also, you can add a lot of green plants to make the whole room even more tropical!

flamingo pillow living room

4. Chic bar

What better wallpaper to put next to a cocktail bar than one with a pink flamingo? The whole setup will look great for a home party and you will have a unique space that will make you think you are serving cool cocktail on a fun island.

flamingo wall paper next to a bar

5. Dream away!

A flamingo statuette is a great piece for a creative and eclectic living room. Mix it with with colorful framed pictures, cool furniture, but also with items in neutral shades to make the flamingo pop out and be ”the star” of the room.

big flamingo statuete deco

6. Tropical bath

A shower curtain with flamingos is a great piece for a dreamy bathroom. To make the space even more tropical. dye your bathtub  in a exotic shade such as yellow, orange or turquoise and add other flamingo elements like a towel, a soap or a candle.

bathroom with flaminggo elements

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