8 outdoor pools that will transform your home into a resort

outdoor pool cover 2

If you are not planning to go on a vacation too soon but you have a spacious garden why not make a lovely pool in your backyard. A home with a pool is the perfect place for gatherings and parties and it will also make your home feel like an exotic resort! So, here are eight dreamy ideas for your living space:

cover 1 outdoor poo;

1. Round&round

This amazing pool is perfect for a big and traditional garden. Here you can have a party by the pool of relax in the Jacuzzi next to it. What a dream for your home, right?

roud outdoor swiming pool with jaccuzzi

2. Cute small pool

This pool is perfect for a small backyard. Also, I love how the wooden floor blends in with the design of the pool making your outdoor space look like a sea resort.

small backyard pool

3. Rectangle pool

This long pool is perfect for a house in California and also for a stylish pool party. Moreover, to make your whole backyard looking exotic, besides a pool add lots of big green plants to transform the space into a luxuriant spot.

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4. The adorable pool

Even if this pool is small, is perfect for a bachelor pad or for a person who really likes a relaxing spot in its backyard. Add next to it beautiful plants and comfy chairs and start a dreamy day!

small pool

5. Boho look

If you love the bohemian style this kind of outdoor pool arrangement is perfect for you. Pick a brighter and neutral color palette and surround your pool with exotic plants. Also, you can make an outdoor bar for your friends to enjoy. So chic!

bohemian outdoor pool

6. Flower power

If you are a romantic and a dreamer this is the perfect pool arrangement for you. Surround your backyard with lots of colorful flowers and also make a cute terrace around your pool, where you can enjoy a glass of lemonade in a very hot day.

backyard pool and flowers

7. Lazy afternoon

Surround your home pool with colorful chairs in pastel shades and you will the whole space seem very retro and happy. Also, pick beautiful plants and make a relaxing Jacuzzi in your pool.

dreamy outdoor pool

8. Creative design

If you are looking for a more unique and stylish pool, pick one with a fancy waterfall and surround it with vintage looking design elements. This way you will have a dreamy patio.

pool and waterfall

Which one would you pick?

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  1. When we were looking at pools, I was thinking, ??? we don’t even swim. I told my husband, who wanted the classic “Greek” model, shouldn’t we get the one with the biggest steps going around, because that’s where we’re going to lounge with drinks in hand? And, for once he agreed. Smartest thing we ever did.
    Second smartest thing: our kid was barely a year old when we put in the pool, and I insisted on security–locking it up with a key. So we put on a cover. FABULOUS. It keeps the leaves out (we have lots of trees), and we use our pool from March (sometimes February) until late October or November. The cover tripled the time the pool was usable.

  2. Do I have to pick just one? Because I’m loving #1, #4, & #8. Maybe I would pick #8 for that awesome waterfall. I love waterfalls. Got proposed by one and got married by another.

  3. After returning back to New Jersey from a Florida vacation, I would love to have a pool! But alas, I could only use it a few months out of the year so not worth the investment. But inspiration to move away! Beautiful