8 dazzling pink interiors you have to see


The pink interiors are a huge deco trend right now and we also adore them because they make us dream about ‘’la vie en rose’’. So, from an enchanting pink living room to a chic pink bathroom, here are ten dazzling spaces in the dreamiest colors of them all:pale pink living space cover

1. Pale pink beauty

This beautiful living room painted in pale pink goes great with some retro furniture and a lot of art objects. Everything in this room is pretty, positive and very welcoming for all your guests.

pink living room

2. Powder pink dream

A lot of minimal deco objects paired with a touch of powder pink make a great living space with a chic vibe and a serenity feeling. Also, I love the big plants added on a coffee table, they are the element that make this interior look really dazzling.

pouder pink living room3. Sofa love

This beautiful pink corner has a royal vibe, but also modern elements. Also, pink is a great color for a classy space filled with retro elements.

pink living room sofa

4. Sweet dreams!

Pink is a great color for your bedroom. Mix two or three shades of pink with neutral colors to give texture to your bedroom and make it very chic.

pink bedroom

5. Pretty in pink

Chic and girly, this space is perfect to try on shoes and clothes and get ready for any important event. Pink goes great with white furniture making a very feminine and pretty space.

pink walk in closet6. The big pink closet

If you are a fashionista and you love pink this is the perfect walk in closet for you. Match the pink racks with golden tiles and a chic chair and you will have a very glam interior.

pink closet7. Retro bath

The cutest thing in this pink room is for sure the retro tub. It goes great along a lot of fresh flowers and a cute pale pink wall that will make you wish you can sit here for hours and hours.

pink retro bath

8. Welcome the baby!

This pretty pink nursery is the perfect spot to stay and read a lot of stories to your baby. The room inspires creativity and a spirit of adventure and is the perfect space for a baby girl.

pink baby room

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