10 Unexpected coffee table ideas

The coffee table often represents the key element of your living room and also the creative space where your friends can enjoy coffee and a good reading. So, we tough you will be inspired by this 10 unexpected coffee tables that will increase you creativity.

1. The tree table

This coffee table will bring you closer to nature. It’s an original and very stylish deco piece that will make your living room look just dreamy. Decorate it with glass and subtle deco objects so that this beautiful table will capture all the attention.

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


2. The bench

So why not use a bench as a coffee table? It has a royal touch and adds a pop of color into your living room. If you pick a bench, choose one with a shelf so that you can store your books or magazines. Also this table will be also a bench for the guest to sit on, so it will have a double purpose. Great, right?

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


3. Round and round we go

I love this trio coffee table because it has a lot of space for storage and you can give each kind of piece it’s one space. Also, this color will brighten your living room and make it a happy space.

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


4. More storage!

Usually we find this kind of table in the bedroom next to the dressing or the bed, but it’s also ideal as a coffee table. The drawers will help you store a lot of small object and also lots of small collections you own.

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


5. Cool wood

This coffee table it’s very creative and offers a lot of space for all your deco objects. Decorate it with original pieces and a cute coffee set. Also, pick a lovely plant for the center of the table, it will bring a fresh vibe to the whole living space.

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


6. Go green!

Fresh and original are the best words to describe this coffee table looks very fresh and original. If you pick it, the table will be the key element of your living room and a great space to serve coffee in fancy cups. As deco pieces, pick small objects in metallic shades.

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


7. On the floor

This original coffee table it’s very easy to make and, also, it looks very good. It’s ideal for a large living room and a minimalist space.

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


8. Treasure chest

If you want a glam item for your living room, this coffee table is the right one. The cool thins is that the transparent shade of the table will give the illusion of a spacious room with just a few objects. Also, you can mix it with a patterned rug that will look very good next to the coffee table.

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


9. The old drum

This coffee table brings a lot of personality to the whole space. I love every detail of it! Match it with African deco objects and with lots of items collected from your trips around the world.

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


10. Out in the nature

If you love the nature this coffee table it’s the lucky one for you to serve popcorn or having a coffee party on it. It’s so creative and inspiring that all your guests will love it.

10 unexpected coffee table ideas


So tell us, which one is your favorite?

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