Top 5 mid-century living rooms


Are you a fan of the vintage pieces and you love the fifties? Then, you can inspire your living room design from that period and transform it into a very elegant space. Here are my top favorite spaces with a design that really defines the mid century.
Top 5 mid-century living rooms

1.Brooklyn living room

The retro design of this living room is fantastic! I love the chairs and the desk and I really like the artsy painting that defines the room. Also, a neutral color palette with a grey sofa is the perfect choice you can make for this kind of space.Top 5 mid-century living rooms

2. Grey for the win

I love how grey defines this living room. The colors work great and the match perfectly the abstract art work on the wall. Also, for this kind of space add metallic deco objects in silver and gold. They will do magic for your living room!

Top 5 mid-century living rooms

3. Creative

The pattern mix of this room gives a lot of personality to this space. The covers, the rug and the pillows make every piece of furniture even more attractive and they give a modern vibe to this mid century inspired room.

Top 5 mid-century living rooms

4. Bohemian style

This mid century living room has a very bohemian vibe. The guitar and the green plants work perfectly in this kind of space and the shiny and creative illustration on the wall captures all your attention. Also, I love the choice of a printed rug in neutral colors.

retro mid century living room

5. Happiness

I love this happy and colorful living room with a bouncy chair. The main thing I really like about this living room is the printed rug that makes the whole space really dreamy! Also, I really like how to colors blend in together and give a modern feeling to this retro designed room.

Top 5 mid-century living rooms

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