6 dreamy blue kitchens for this spring

This season blue is a big color suggestion for your kitchen. Think that is really creative and original to have this color in your cooking area, and also I’m sure everybody will love this daring choice you made for your house. So, from baby blue to a darker shade of blue, here are six dreamy kitchen ideas for the new season.

Baby blue dream

Pastel blue and White Shaker Cabinets go very well together for your dream kitchen. The color tone gives you a peaceful vibe that can make you sit for hours in this room, having dinner, talking with friends or preparing a yummy desert. To make it even dreamier, choose plants and spring rose flowers for a pastel combo. Also, choose all your kitchen accessories in pastel colors, the whole room will look perfect.

Elegance is a must

A very elegant kitchen is when you pair copper with dark blue. The wooden chairs and table are a tasteful detail that maintains the elegance of the room. Don’t forget to choose also classy elements such as white porcelain plates, crystal glasses and maintain that neutral palette for all your dishes.

Country home look

When the blue details meet the shabby elements we get a country side inspired kitchen. I felt in love with the blue oven, it gives it a homier feeling to the room. I just want to sit and cook pies all day long. Also the printed chairs give a really stylish look to the whole room and the frames in a corner give a personal touch to this lovely cooking space.

Minimalistic blue

Perfection is all I can say about this beautiful kitchen. The cabinet lines, the chairs, all the elements are perfectly shaped and the whole ensemble creates an impression of a spacious room. The blue and dark blue combo goes really well with the wooden details and also the granite detail placed by the window is a great material for this minimalistic room.

Ethno vibe

The first thing I really love about this kitchen is the sink. It has a really traditional design that goes well with the whole deco of the room. The ethno printed plates and also the traditional carpet matches the blue cabinets and they all create a cozy cooking space for your family.

The classy look

The chandelier is the first object that catches my eye when I look at this lovely kitchen. It’s for sure a vintage piece that goes very well with the blue cabinets that have an unpolished look. Also, the whole room is filled with retro elements like the knob of the sink and the beautiful curtains. Dreamy, right?

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  1. The floor tiles in that second kitchen – just wow! And I love the rug in the Ethno vibe kitchen, If I could redo mine, I would definately go for a more patterned floor covering, whether that’d be tiles or a rug. Awesome.