Top 10 new IKEA items you need for your dreamy home

Welcome fall with the new IKEA collection that brings back new and improved favorites and new design ideas. Change something in your home and make it at least a little bit different for a dreamy autumn, here are out top favorite items, for now, at least:

1. The classy chair

Make a stylish reading or relaxing nook in your home by picking the new Gronlid chair that has a dreamy color that matches fall. Also, it works perfectly for an elegant or classy room.

2. The stylish cabinet

The famous Besta storing solution is back with a new look we really love. It’s ideal for your living room; especially for the TV corner and it has a lot of storage space!

3. The seventies chair

Since the seventies are really popular this season, the Gagnet chair is perfect for your balcony or living room and will bring a relaxing vibe into your dreamy home.

4. The dreamy printed sheets

Pick the Tovsippa sheets and cushions for a dreamy and boho bedroom where the pastel colors play a calm and nostalgic fall game. The print is also truly artistic and works wonders in any kind of bedroom.

5. Minimal dream

Besta features a new minimal storage combination that’s the perfect dream for people who love a minimal design and furniture that can easily hide clutter in a stylish way.

6. The neutral bar

Pick the adorable Norraker bar for your lovely living room and start a great evening at home with your friends and loved ones. Serve wine or coffee and enjoy a day at home.

7. The chic shelf

This beautiful golden Tossasen shelf is that glam touch you need for your bedroom or office space so make sure you store gorgeous things on it.


8. The artsy cushions

Pick this very artistic Omedelbar pillow cushion for a neutral sofa or your dreamy bed and make a statement with this super creative print.

9. The classy storing solution

The Gronlid storing solution is excellent for your living room or reading nook at it also works as an ottoman for extra sitting when having too much guests over. It’s also pretty classy and works great for any home style.

10. The cool plant

Add the dreamy Fejka fake plant wherever in your home. It will look super chic and it’s super low maintenance, you only have to clear it from dust.

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