6 Dreamy ideas of New York inspired kitchens

Say ”Hello” to fall with a dreamy New York vibe and start your day in a kitchen that shows the cool and modern style of the city that never sleeps. Here are six gorgeous ideas for a New York inspired kitchen:

1. Pick subway tiles

Pick white subway tiles for a dark colored kitchen to bring a bright vibe in the space. Also, the subway tiles are pretty cool and New Yorkish and will bring a modern look in your dreamy kitchen. Moreover, for a glam touch pair them with black cabinets with golden handles, so dreamy, right?

2. Add bar stools

Get inspired by the lovely New York coffee places and bars and add modern or vintage inspired bar stools next to your kitchen counter. Also, this will be the perfect excuse to have more parties at home and enjoy quality time with friends.

3. Choose bricks for your wall

If you have a brick wall in your kitchen, leave it unfinished. It will have that cool New York vibe and it’s perfect for a modern condo or a studio apartment. Decorate it with minimal lamps, green plants and add next to it neutral tiles and matches cabinets.

4. Add minimal furniture

Minimal furniture with a modern twist will bring a New York vibe in your dreamy kitchen. Pick neutral colors, like soft or dark grey and white and match your dreamy cabinets with a statement mid century lamp.

5. Pick the modern black steel for your kitchen space

This year it’s all about the black steel, a chic material that matches the New York touch. So, pick it for your lovely kitchen and match it with modern elements and minimal furniture. Also, for a better contrast pair it with a lot of white.

6. Create a dinner inspired corner

Get inspired by the American dinners and make your own small dinner in your kitchen space. Pick a colorful one for a creative space or if you want a more elegant corner pick one in dark neutral colors.

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