7 Splendid light blue interiors that prove this is the new IT color

A darling and relaxing color, light blue is the new favorite shade for the cold season. With its icy feeling an elegant touch, this dreamy color can work wonders in any space of your lovely home so here are seven interior that show its true beauty:

1. The dreamy office

Pair neutral furniture with light blue and create a calm working space perfect for your daily projects. Add green plants, a lovely lamp that makes you dream and a lot of nostalgic pictures with nature.

2. Work in progress

This dreamy scenario can work wonders as your bedroom dressing. So arrange your favorite clothes and accessories in this dreamy space and, as a statement accessory, pick an oversized plant that will emphasize the relaxing mood of this space.

3. Country chic corner

Make a cute corner to serve coffee or tea and pick light blue as the main shade of the room. Pair the lovely shade with brown furniture and also wooden and raffia elements for a splendid country chic vibe.

4. Californian chic bunk bedroom

Pick this relaxing color for your bedroom and you will sleep well and feel calmer. Also, to make everything even more chic, pick the Californian style as the main deco look and add cactuses, blankets and glossy items around the room.

5. The calm living room

Pick light blue for the walls of a Scandinavian living room and keep the calm vibe this style brings in any space. Add also some silver details and a statement framed picture that matches the main shade of the room.

6. Royal touch

This beautiful bathroom that looks like a SPA has a royal touch to it. So pick elegant furniture in your home bathroom, paint your walls in light blue, add gorgeous plants in this space and also a chandelier and picture yourself in a dreamy palace.

7. The relaxing bedroom

Begin dreaming in this gorgeous blue bedroom and picture you’re in a fabulous vacation with no worries at all. To emphasize the calm vibe of the room, pick white deco items for your bed, windows and walls.

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  1. Its so nice to see a color! I’m so sick of white, grey and beige. UGH! This blue is very nice and calming. You could do a lot with it. I’m hungry for something a little more daring myself.

  2. I really would like to know the name and brands of the paint used here.

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