10 New and original items we love at Urban Outfitters we love right now

We love discovering original elements when it comes to home decor and this month we want to show you some creative and bohemian items we found while looking at Urban Outfitters. So, check out 10 new and original items we love at Urban Outfitters right now: 1. The retro looking dresser A great design piece to have in any bedroom space

6 Don’ts in a Maximalist apartment

The Maximalist style is that crowded style that looks amazing and that shines trough its brilliant bold colors and prints. But making a Maximalist interior isn’t that easy because it can easily look like a kitschy room or a space full of clutter. So, check out 5 Don’ts in a Maximalist apartment: Photo credit 1. Forgetting to blend the colors you

10 New & Dreamy H&M Home items we love right now

From calm looking items to sea inspired elements, celebrate the dreamy month of summer that’s July with gorgeous pieces that are a constant reminder of the warm season. Check out 10 New & Dreamy H&M Home items we love right now: 1. The old school metal mug Get inspired by retro and cottage dishes, plates, glasses and mugs when decorating your

Modern Ranch Design Takes its Cue from Nature

About 46 million Americans currently live in rural areas and that number is predicted to rise to 64 million in upcoming years. The current global health situation (among other factors) has upped the attraction factor of living in wide open spaces surrounded by nature – places that serve to heal body and mind owing to the stress-busting powers of the Great