5 creative bunk bed ideas for kids

Bunk beds are usually very common when having two kids and especially when the space is limited. There are so many creative and cool ideas that you can apply, even in limited spaces and play around with different themes – from nature, tree house to ocean inspired design. This way you create the perfect opportunity for them to develop their

5 Cool Home Coffee Station ideas

You love being a barista, trying all sorts of coffee mixes, cocktails, specialties and recipes? Well, than you definitely need to make your own cool home coffee station. Just gather around in one corner your coffee machine and all you need to make your favorite blend and make everything truly dreamy. Here are 5 ideas for you: Photo credit 1.

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Lighting

The importance of a well-lit kitchen is not something that many people think about very often, which is a mistake. It has been proven that a bright, welcoming cooking environment will not only positively impact the quality of your dishes, but also the general atmosphere in and around the house. In addition to the extra positivity you’ll bring to your