A bright lofthouse in Colorado

A beautiful wooden design in Colorado designed by Tarah and Drew MacAlmon. The place was created as place office space and for hosting guests through Airbnb. The Lofthouse is a high-ceilinged, open concept space that offers 1200 square feet of beautiful usable floor area. With clean modern design elements and large windows to let in natural light it’s primed for

Tiny wood home with terrace

The tiny travelling home is the perfect place to enjoy nature and relax. Designed by Anna Malmberg, a young Swedish photographer with her friend Romain Lemonnier, this wooden home has curves in all the right places, ha! From large windows for plenty of light and smaller ones for more privacy. With such warm tones everywhere inside it feels comforting and

Effective Ways to Enjoy Spending Time at Home and Feel at Ease

Whether you are social-distancing or simply spending most of your time at home, there are likely to be occasions when you will get bored. In such situations, your best option is to engage in an enjoyable activity that will fulfill your time while further helping improve your physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. In general, researchers usually refer to this concept