Small luxe blue bedroom

Another great example that you don’t need a lot of space to have a wonderful home, well, bedroom in this case. As you can see, Karina, the designer and owner of this small bedroom, made the most out of the space.  Isn’t it gorgeous? The paint color is LADY 4618 Kveldshimmel, I know there will be questions!

9 Rustic bedrooms you will love this summer

Think of the rustic childhood memories, the country side homes, the small towns you visit or the chic Bed&Breakfast you sometimes stay in and make the perfect rustic bedroom that defines your summer. Therefore, choose wooden elements, add colorful and ethno inspired details and pick lovely plants that will make everything looking like you have your own home garden this

5 Reasons why the Mushroom Lamps are the coolest deco idea for your nighstand

Created in the ’50, Mushroom lamps gained a huge success in the ’70 and are now back in trend! Because this year is a lot about vintage pieces that make huge comebacks, Mushrooms are a statement lightning piece made to stand out on your lovely nightstand. That’s why you should definitely consider this fabulous piece when redecorating your dreamy bedroom.