6 fun ideas on how to decorate with terrazzo

Another big trend of 2020 is terrazzo, now found in all kinds of interior disciplines, from floors to kitchen countertops. The history of terrazzo goes back a hundred years, starting its procession in Italy. It is said that Venetian constructors began to combine waste of expensive marble they got with plain clay to create inexpensive flooring and so the broken

5 pink deco ideas for girls room

Decorating for yourself may be easier, because you know what you like and your personality is going to show eventually in your house. When it comes to a child, girls in our case, there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration like sustainability, design and functionality. Also, during the first years of growth, the child’s imagination needs

5 Mid century furniture ideas for spring

The mid century era in design is defined by the period between the end of World War II and the 60s. The pieces made during that time were durable and many of them have beautiful carvings which gives them a sophisticated design. What’s interesting is that if people were looking for matchy-matchy pieces 10 years ago, nowadays things have evolved

5 macrame wall pieces for boho fans

The history of macrame starts in ancient times from Babylonians and Assyrians and later it is dated in the 13th century in Arab culture. With the Moorish conquest, the technique traveled to Spain and from here it spread to the rest of Europe. The style became popular again in the 70s, when macrame technique was used for clothes, jewelries, wall