6 stunning wooden floor bathroom ideas

Adding wood elements to a bathroom might seem like an odd option, but lately more and more stunning bathroom designs have this element inserted. The chosen wood should be solid, among the most suitable types being the ones originated at the tropics- like lapacho, cedar or algarobbo- because they’re easily adaptable to moist. So, here are 6 stunning wooden floor

5 dreamy cotton-candy pink bathrooms

Pastel colors are usually regarded as feminine, delicate and clean and they are considered to have a soothing effect on the human brain. They are usually obtained by adding white to a hue color. Cotton-candy pink has the extra added dash of sweetness and it’s a great choice for bathrooms because of the dreamy effect. If you’re considering doing a

6 luxurious bathtubs that we love

There is evidence of bath tubs made of hardened pottery dating the ancient times, but modern ones have become popular starting with the 18th century, when bathing became more and more fashionable. One century later, porcelain enameled cast-iron bathtubs were invented and that process is still mostly the same to this day. So, here are 6 modern luxurious bathtubs that