10 Living Room Design Tips

The living room is often looked at as the most important area of the house, but it’s also one of the most difficult rooms to decorate. Here are 10 quick tips to help you make the living room an engaging space for company, family and friends alike. 1. Paint The right paint can make a difference. Dark hues can make

A Beginner’s Guide To Cladding

Cladding is the application of one material on another on homes, offices and buildings to provide an extra layer that serves multiple purposes. Cladding is attached to the building’s structure, usually on its exterior, and plays a structural role by reducing the pressure of external conditions and transferring its weight to the building’s framework. Excellent quality and well-installed cladding enhance

What To Look For In Your Doors

A lot of people do not really spare a passing thought for the state of their doors nor about what to do if they ever find themselves in a situation where they need to buy themselves a new door. This is through no fault of their own, it is not a situation that is thought of often nor is it

Buying a New Mattress: Fact Versus Fiction

Do you toss and turn at night and wake up feeling tired instead of refreshed? Is your mattress bumpy and lumpy with dips and craters, and if your sleeping partner moves during the night, do you wake up, too? These are all symptoms of an old, worn out mattress that should be replaced. In general, mattresses should be replaced every eight to