How to design your ideal garage

Ever considered adding a garage to your home? You might want to, as research suggests that sticking one onto your property offers on average a 5% boost to your home’s overall value. When you consider all the uses a garage can offer on top of the ROI, that makes it a pretty worthwhile investment indeed. With so many potential purposes

Modern Ranch Design Takes its Cue from Nature

About 46 million Americans currently live in rural areas and that number is predicted to rise to 64 million in upcoming years. The current global health situation (among other factors) has upped the attraction factor of living in wide open spaces surrounded by nature – places that serve to heal body and mind owing to the stress-busting powers of the Great

Luxe island style home in Sikinos, Greece

I’m in desperate need of a vacation and I can’t stop looking at homes with a vacay vibe to them, like this gorgeous recently renovated villa on Sikinos island in Greece. Yes, Greece is on my vacation short list, but I didn’t book anything yet. Kapsimalis Architects were tasked to revamp and preserve this old traditional building that overlooks the

A modern London home with a fabulous kitchen

A three bedroom modern beauty located in Colworth Grove, completely renovated and refurbished in 2017 and looking for new owners. The fabulous raw wood table in the kitchen is what caught my eye, but the interesting chevron floors and the black with gold details furniture is a plus, if I may add. Also, scalloped textures on the kitchen cabinets? Yes,

10 dreamy linen pieces for your home

Linen is one of my top choices when it comes to garments, it’s natural, durable, comfortable and stylish! I have a big crush on linen pieces, no matter if we are talking about clothing or home accessories. Therefore, we are going to talk about 10 dreamy linen pieces for your home that you can use all year around, all from