2022 Monochromatic kitchen ideas

Planning to remodel your kitchen or build it up from scratch? Whatever it is, nobody wants their kitchen to have old designs. These days, people are more into following the latest trends for designing their kitchens. One trend that has seen a tremendous following this year is monochromatic kitchen ideas. One can experiment with designing their kitchen in a monochromatic

The many advantages of Venetian plaster.

Venetian plaster is a material that has gained some popularity in recent times in the architectural market. Its composition has a number of ingredients that achieve that particular finish. This lime plaster was used by the first civilisations of the world, where its enormous potential was discovered. Nowadays, for various aesthetic reasons, it has returned to prominence in modern buildings.

Bohemian Scandinavian apartment in natural shades

Bohemian and Scandinavian style together? Yes, please! Enter this beautifully decorated apartment full of lush plants and eclectic details. The living room is such a delight, just like you own little oasis. The living room features a dinning area as well and the balcony is perfect for dreamy summer evenings. The wallpaper in the kitchen has vintage vibes and all

Dining table basics

In today’s homes, the dining table is once again becoming the place where the family gathers most often – but not as you might expect. In addition to using the space to eat, we all use the dining table to  help our children with their homework, or engage in other family activities. Each household has different needs. Since everyone wants

How to create your dream garden

Summer is around the corner. We will be able to enjoy the sun and warmth until our hearts are content. A lot of us will go on vacation overseas. Spain, Greece and Turkey are popular vacation destinations. But let’s not forget Miami, and other hot places like the Caribbean. Even though there are people who won’t stay at home, there

Warm Scandinavian apartment with baby blue kitchen

A beautiful and tastefully renovated apartment in a 1912 building in Gothenburg.  The space features generous ceiling height, large windows and deep windows for extra light. The baby blue kitchen and living area are part of a open floor plan and the wood beams add character to the space. The soft natural color palette makes the apartment cozy and inviting,