5 Art deco bathrooms for a glam fall

This season think stylish and choose one of one of the most popular bathroom styles you can pick right now – the art deco style. Fabulous and elegant, this style is a showstopper for any home and even for a bathroom space. So check out 5 Art deco bathrooms for a glam fall: Photo credit 1. Industrial vibe The industrial style

3 key design elements for your Art Deco inspired bathroom

If you’re thinking of redesigning your bathroom and you’re looking for high impact inspiration, look no further than Art Deco. The striking beauty of this early 20th century art and architecture trend, popularised by The Great Gatsby, Poirot and even Downton Abbey, lends itself perfectly to adding some glamour and opulence to your bathroom. Much favoured in the 1920s and

The Outdoor Décor And Garden Rules To Be Aware Of If You’re Part Of A Homeowners Association 

Decorating your outdoor space and front yard by putting up a fence, mini fountain, or statue is an exciting part of moving into a new home. The usual reason that most residents add decorations is to either beautify their place or so they can engage in leisure activities. However, even though residents own their places, they still have neighbours and a community