3 Tips for a whimsical kitchen

A lot of people see the kitchen as merely a practical area and so don’t think to give it a fun twist in its decor. This is a pity because we spend so much time in the kitchen, whether it be for preparing meals or cleaning up afterwards. Why then do we not make the kitchen a space that we enjoy spending time in?

Whimsical décor doesn’t adhere to one particular design aesthetic; rather, it aims to create a playful, light-heartedness in its execution. It’s inviting, unique, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is what makes a whimsical design appealing for rooms where you spend a lot of time inside, like the kitchen. But how exactly do you capture a whimsical aesthetic in your kitchen? It’s easier than it sounds. Here are our three top tips.

1. Be unique

Whimsical home décor is all about having fun and making use of misplaced features that intrigue or inspire. Therefore, when creating a whimsical kitchen aesthetic, you should avoid playing it safe and instead try to think outside the box. This can mean adding something unexpected that you wouldn’t normally see within the average kitchen. An intriguing piece of contemporary art, such as a striking print or sculpture, will add a bit of eccentric individuality, while also looking chic.

Random, quirky ornaments placed around the kitchen will also add a playful twist and will also serve as talking points for potential dinner guests. Rather than making everything match perfectly, try to be a bit more carefree and light-hearted with what you choose for your kitchen. Mix and match vintage plates and mugs with designer tablecloths, statement curtains, and quirky pots and pans. You’re limited only by your imagination.

2. Embrace colour and variety

What makes whimsical décor particularly fun is that you don’t have to stick to one look. Whimsical aesthetic allows you to take inspiration from a wide range of design influences. For instance, you might choose to combine retro style with cottagecore. The one constant thing about whimsical design aesthetic is that it’s rarely subdued. This means that anything goes when it comes to décor. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colour in your kitchen. You might want to use varying shades of the same colour throughout or go all out and use contrasting hues.

Either way now is not the time to be beige or grey. If your kitchen is a more neutral shade and you’re not in a position to repaint the entire room, then don’t worry – adding a splash of colour is easy. Make a statement with colourful kitchen fabrics, such as curtains and chair cushions, or consider placing a few pretty tiles around the walls. A vase of flowers is also a simple, but effective, way to add a pop of bright colour to any room.

3. Have fun with different patterns and textures

The thought of clashing different prints and textures can be daunting, but it can actually look really chic if done properly. But don’t fret – you don’t have to be a professional interior designer to mix and match different patterns effectively. It’s a good idea to choose one main print or pattern to be a show stopping piece and then add smaller textures and patterns along the way to complement it. You don’t want all your patterns to be competing with each other. Mixing textures is a good idea and can really give off a rustic, ‘cottage kitchen’ feel.

Think about stone flooring with contrasting wood types used on the cabinets and the surfaces. If you really want to go full-on rustic, think about using the natural world for inspiration. A few interesting rocks, shells, or decorative tree branches placed around the kitchen can really bring the outdoors indoors. Adding plants to your kitchen will also help to bring a natural, outdoorsy feel to the space. Not only that, but studies show that having plants in your home can help you feel calm and reduce stress – perfect if you find family meal times a bit chaotic.



Whimsical aesthetic is all about having fun – it’s playful and quirky. However, this design concept is easier to achieve than you might realise. It doesn’t adhere to any one single aesthetic style, so you’re free to pay about with different looks. When creating a whimsical look in your kitchen, don’t be afraid to experiment and use your imagination. By injecting some individuality, having fun with different styles and colours, and playing around with contrasting patterns and textures, you can successfully capture a whimsical aesthetic in your kitchen.


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