Revamp your outdoor space: 5 deck decor trends to try

Your deck has the potential to be one of the best spots on the property – an outdoor oasis just steps from the comforts of home. Giving your deck a fresh new look with stylish, on-trend decor transforms it into a space readymade for enjoying, relaxing, and entertaining.

Follow these five fabulous decorating ideas:

 Embrace Durable, Weatherproof Textiles

Thanks to advances in fabric technology, beautiful outdoor textiles can safely endure the elements. Look for cushions, pillows, rugs, and throws made of fade-resistant, quick-drying synthetic fibers or treated natural fibers, vivid dyes in eye-catching patterns rival indoor fabric options.

Toss pillows covered in abstract prints or bold stripes enliven a neutral seating area. Cozy printed throws invite curling up by a firepit. Sturdy flatweave rugs define a sitting area and protect feet from hot surfaces.

Waterproof cushion covers are a must to adorn and protect patio furniture. Replace solid-colored sets with patterns like chevron stripes, colorful ikat prints, or versatile neutrals. The right outdoor fabrics lend comfort and style to any deck. 

Display Statement Planters for Interest

Giant planters instantly provide a dose of nature. Use oversized planters crafted of galvanized metal, natural concrete, or weatherproof resin in hues that pop against the deck color scheme.

Paint interior stains bright colors for an extra punch. Drainage holes are a must. Fill with easy-care ornamental grasses, small shrubs, and succulents.

Aim for variety in height, shape, and color. For example tall, slender grasses, round shrubs, and cascading succulents. Arrange planters in complementary colors and groupings around seating areas or along the deck perimeter. They’ll quickly become focal points and conversation starters!

Include a Tranquil Focal Point Water Feature

The sound of a bubbling fountain or gently flowing water instantly enhances the ambiance. Install a striking stand-alone fountain as a gorgeous focal point crafted of durable materials like hammered copper, concrete, or natural stone.

Smaller decks can accommodate a cascading wall fountain or birdbath water feature. Ensure proper wiring using a GFCI outlet.

Let the gentle babbling sounds transport you to a peaceful oasis. Surround the fountain with river rocks or pebbles to complement the soothing element. A strategically placed water feature becomes a delightful backdrop for quiet mornings, relaxing dinners, or intimate gatherings. 

Outfit with Fresh, On-Trend Outdoor Furniture

Replace aging or mismatched deck furniture with updated styles and colors that align with current trends. Durable aluminum, all-weather wicker, and richly-grained teak wood pieces make smart choices for combating weathering.

Look for silhouettes like curvy sectionals or modular sets that allow rearranging to accommodate different needs.

Stick to color schemes that complement your design vision. On-trend options include navy blue, forest green, dark grays, and neutral earth tones. The benefits of aluminum outdoor furniture in contemporary shapes adds low maintenance longevity. New furniture gives your deck an instant style reboot.

 Include Strategic Ambient Lighting

Proper lighting transforms a deck from strictly daytime use to an enchanting after-dark hangout. Incorporate path lights along steps and walking areas for visibility and safety. Drape overhead string lights for a magical ambiance.

Flameless candles or lanterns illuminate seating areas with a warm glow. For a permanent glow, install post cap lights, step lighting, or discreet rail lighting.

Create a mix of lighting options for full coverage day to night. During the day, overhead cafe string lights add a whimsical twist. As the sun sets, flameless candles flickering atop tables set the stage for alfresco dining under the stars. Strategic lighting beckons you to savor every moment outdoors.

Reviving your deck never goes out of style. Implement these fresh design ideas to create an outdoor living space tailored to savoring and entertaining. Follow the latest trends to turn your deck into a personalized oasis just beyond your back door.