Fall 2023 Halloween trends to feature on your buffet table: 7 Ideas for every budget

For some, Christmas is the most exciting time of the year. For others, Halloween is thee holiday of the season, and why wouldn’t it be? Not only do you get to dress up, but you get to let your freak flag fly. After all, there are very few occasions where placing a jeweled skull as a tabletop centerpiece or creating cookies that look like human fingers is considered socially acceptable. 

And since Halloween only comes once a year, there’s this urge to go all out. But it isn’t always possible to spend thousands of dollars on spooky decor. On top of that, it isn’t necessary, as you can get or make plenty of great decorations using DIY strategies or by shopping at Target.

Whether you’re opting for the classic orange-and-black theme or you just want to take a creepier approach to your already-there decor, there are so many budget ideas to choose from. 

7 Fall 2023 Halloween Buffet Table Ideas for Every Budget 

Before your guests even get there, entice them with free printable Halloween cards from a website like Punchbowl. A great invitation can really get your friends excited about your buffet.

1. Painted Pumpkins

Painted pumpkins are always fashionable because they take a Halloween staple (pumpkin carving) but add an elegant twist. If you want to keep this decor around for multiple parties, purchase wood or plastic gourds and paint them white, black, purple, pink, or gold.

These pumpkins would look great around a treat table, another buffet table trend. You could also write the guest name’s on the pumpkins so everyone knows where they’re sitting.

2. Garden with Flowers

Tea parties and garden parties are going to be a really popular Halloween trend in 2023. As British television continues to infiltrate our popular culture, so do many of Britain’s cultural staples. Tea and garden parties can offer a subtle spooky vibe without going overboard. 

For both themes, focus on woods and greens. If you have wood furniture, make sure you use them for your party. White or steel garden furniture would also look incredible and elegant.

From there, add typical party flourishes like napkins, centerpieces, and silverware, but give them a creepy twist. For example, you could add black napkins, lanterns, and goblets. The buffet table itself could include a black table runner, green leaves, and tiered platters. 

3. Hovering Hats

The fall runway is quite fond of punk embellishments. This has made it really easy to find witch hats or drooping caps in your average fashion store, from fast brands to online retailers.

You can either purchase witch hats at fashion boutiques or dollar stores, with the latter being the most cost-effective option. Plus, cheaper hats are often see-through, which makes it easier for you to insert string lights inside. Simply string up the hats with light string or chicken wire.

Speaking of chicken wire, you can make some great hats out of sheer fabric (either sparkly or matte) and a bit of wire. If you’re crafty, DIY hats will likely be sturdier and last longer.

4. Fall 2023 Halloween trends: Embellished Skulls

Rats, cats, ghosts, bats, and skulls are typical Halloween decor staples, but it’s hard to make some of these chic or very cheap. Skull heads are always easy to dress up, not only because of their smooth surface but also because it’s so easy to find a good quality skull head for cheap.

Embellished skulls (skulls with jewels, glitter, or paint) are really in this season, mostly for their customizability. No matter how inexpensive a skull looks, you can make it look out of this world with a bit of paint, glue, and rhinestones. Just make sure the skulls match the rest of your decor. 

5. Fairy Tale Themed

Fairy tales are often considered kids territory, but there’s definitely a dark side to them. The Brothers Grimm, famous for creating some of our most beloved fairy tales, considered these stories more as lessons than light reading. Non-censored versions of these stories contained a lot of mature themes, and many popular characters weren’t as nice as the Disney variety.

For your buffet table, consider drawing inspiration from the scary side of the Little Mermaid, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and so on. Poisonous red apples, gnarled florals, dripping candlesticks, and red apples are some examples of how you can present this theme. 

6. Fall 2023 Halloween trends: Rustic Decor

Rustic decoration is still going strong in 2023, and you likely have some pieces left over from when Cottagecore and Maximalism were center stage. But even if you don’t, a lot of rustic decor, including candelabras, barn-style pieces, suitcases, and serving trays, are easy to find. 

August and September are the best times for garage sales, so if you think ahead, you can get a lot of stuff for cheap. Burlap is always cheap and can make for some great table runners, drink cozies (for mason jar cups!), and table mats that are reusable and incredibly durable.

7. Masks and Victorian

We consider the Victorian era and the aesthetic that comes with it as Gothic, but why is that? The Victorian era represents the last breath of lavishness and aristocracy, and when the old world moved on, the aesthetic that came with it became decrepit and creepy to examine.

This makes Victorian decor the perfect choice for Halloween. However, we understand if you don’t want to completely overhaul your furniture just for a party. Instead, throw a masquerade event that includes easy-to-find antique objects, like clocks, candelabras, and tableware. 

Masquerades typically include colors like gold, black, pink, and purple. We recommend making your tablecloth black, your napkins purple, your accents pink, and your plates gold. 

In Conclusion… 

Halloween is fun, no matter your age. Plus, your buffing table can be as spooky or tame as you want it to be. Fortunately, as our tips have shown, you don’t have to break the bank to get the most stunning decor. In fact, some of the greatest decorations can be made with a DIY budget.