Top 5 Spring Color Trends for Home Decor in 2023

From muted to vibrant, the hottest spring color trends of 2023 are sure to give any space a fresh and modern look. From pops of green and pastel hues to chic neutrals, find out which five colors are leading the way this season and how to use them to spruce up your home.

Spring Color Trends: Bold Blue and Green Combinations 

Bright blue and green accents are making a statement in 2023. Use bold but complementary tones, such as navy blues and olive greens in different shades to bring an extra layer of texture and personality to any room. Try combining different fabrics, like velvet and linen, for an inspiring look that captures the spirit of spring.

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Soft Lavenders, Pinks, and Purples in home decor

Soft lavenders, pinks, and purples remain ever popular in the world of home decor. Incorporate a touch of luxury with lavender and dusty pink details to add a calming, stylish look to your home. Paint an accent wall in dusky lilac or mix and match different shades for a sophisticated finished look. Perfect for bedroom and bathrooms!


Terracotta, rich Orange and Red Tints

Terracotta, deep oranges, and even burnt reds can bring an edgy yet warm vibe to your home decor. Choose orange-red hues for a modern and sleek look, or choose traditional shades of terracotta for more a classic feel. Accent with golden hardware to up the glam factor on pieces like cabinets and furniture.


Spring Home Decor Color Trends: Sunny Yellows and Bright Whites

Add a cheerful mood to your spring decor this season with sunny yellow and bright white shades. Yellows remind us of the sun and inject a positive energy in any space. Use them on walls, floors, furniture and accessories for a truly inspiring look. Whites are great for kitchens, bathrooms and offices for a timeless and classic feel. Keep it fresh with crisp whites or warm off-white shades that still feel bright yet inviting.

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Spring Color Trends: Earthy Browns and Beiges

For a natural and calming look, bring in some earthy browns and beiges. These colors are perfect for accent walls or pieces of furniture as they provide a grounding feel to any room. Try to pair them with whites, blues, greys and greens for a soft, harmonious touch. Browns and beiges also look great on kitchen cabinets and countertops as they bring warmth to the room.

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