New Reserved HOME collection

Reserved, the European fashion brand, has recently launched its new Reserved Home Collection. The collection features a wide range of stylish and affordable home decor items, including bedding, towels, rugs, and other accessories. The collection is divided into three distinct styles: Classic, Minimal, and Romantic.

Reserved Home classic style

The Classic style is characterized by timeless and elegant designs, featuring muted colors and refined patterns. There are a lot marble, porcelain and glass pieces! As well as high quality workmanship, such as ceramics made in Poland in the Lubiana factory and dining room accessories including glasses made in the Krosno glass factory in Poland, with over a century of tradition.

The bedding sets in this style feature classic white and grey colors, with subtle stripes and textures. The pillows and throws are made of soft materials such as cotton and wool, adding a cozy touch to the overall aesthetic.The Classic style is perfect for those who prefer a timeless and sophisticated look in their home.

New Reserved HOME collection

Reserved Home Minimal Style

The Minimal style is all about simplicity and clean lines. This style features neutral colors such as white, beige, and grey, with minimal patterns or designs. A lot of organic shapes and materials as well, we are talking about cotton, travertine, slate, bamboo and acacia wood.

The Minimal style is perfect for those who prefer a clean and uncluttered living space, with a sense of serenity and harmony.

New Reserved HOME collection

Reserved Home Romantic Style

The Romantic style is characterized by soft colors, delicate patterns, and a feminine touch.  There’s a cottage core and rustic atmosphere about this collection. A lot of shades of blue, pastel pink, and sage green, botanical floral patterns, embroidered details, and knitted textures.

The Romantic style is perfect for those who prefer a dreamy and whimsical living space.

New Reserved HOME collection


The Reserved Home Collection offers a wide range of home decor items, including bedding sets, pillows, throws, rugs, and towels, that cater to different styles and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic and elegant look, a minimalist and clean aesthetic, or a romantic and feminine vibe, the Reserved Home Collection has something for everyone.