House renovations trends for 2023

We’ve arrived at 2023. With a new year comes a new opportunity to shake things up and make some changes around the home. Whether you’ve been meaning to make some updates for a while or you’re simply in the mood for a change, now is the perfect time to have a revamp.

To help you, here are some top interior trends for the year. Will any of these ideas look fabulous in your home?

House renovations trends for 2023: Go green 

You’ll be hearing a lot about how green is the colour of the moment. Even last summer there were rumblings about how this earthy hue would be making its way into homes across the country – and after the events of the last few years, this colour of renewal is a perfect choice.

There are no hard and fast rules here, however. You could go for vibrant grass tones or opt for a lighter, minty option.

Photo by Jane Duursma on Unsplash

House renovations trends for 2023: Statement lamps

Lighting can make a huge difference in any space. Whether you want to highlight a corner of the room or you’re searching for a fun, but functional lighting option, go big with a statement lamp.

From bold ceiling shades in jewel tones – see if you can find one in Pantone’s Colour of the Year to really inject a burst of colour in the room – to cool standing lamps, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Warm neutrals

We’re slowly inching away from the cool greys that dominated home interiors over the last few years. It’s time to warm things up a little with creams, browns and beige that scream mid-90s neutrals. We want cosy, soothing tones that make us feel snuggly.

If you’re ready to mix things up, opt for a cookies and cream combo, with warm tones on walls and deep brown accents.

Spacejoy on Unsplash

Warm woods

In keeping with the warm neutrals theme, woods are warming up too in 2023. You might want to tap into this trend by investing in a new sideboard or chest of drawers in these richer colours. Or you could go all-out and rethink your kitchen, opting for a shaker style design in honeyed hues.

Home trends for 2023: Historic pieces

If you’re a sucker for a vintage piece, now is your time to shine. Everything from heirlooms to antique designs are set to be big this year.

For the ultimate effect, mix up retro furniture and reclaimed pieces with contemporary elements to create a modern take on old designs. The key here is comfort, so if you go for this trend, everything you introduce should be an easy fit.

Spacejoy on Unsplash

Sustainable chic – mixed metal finish

We’re looking at new and innovative ways to reuse and reclaim pieces for our homes and gardens and this is set to continue this year. Repurposing and reimagining furniture and other home décor essentials will continue to be a theme now and beyond.

Which trend will you follow?

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