5 Easy DIY projects for your living room

Do you want to spruce up your living room without spending a fortune? There are plenty of DIY projects that you can do yourself to give your living space a new look. From redecorating the walls to making small changes to your furniture, these easy DIY projects can help you revamp your living room in no time. Read on to learn more about these Easy DIY projects for your living room:

1.Consider a statement piece

Creating a DIY statement piece for your home is a fun and rewarding project. Start by gathering the supplies you need, such as a glass vessel (like a vase, bowl, or jar), paint, and a piece of cardboard or newspaper to protect your surface. You can then begin prepping the glass. Make sure it’s cleaned and dried thoroughly, and you may want to remove any labels or stickers. Once the glass is prepped, put the cardboard or newspaper down and place your vessel on top.

You can then add your own colours and patterns, such as by applying a few coats using Montana glass spray paint, and allowing each coat to dry before adding the next. You may want to add a few coats of sealant to make sure your project is durable and long-lasting. You could add decorations to your piece, such as colourful gems, glitter, or even rhinestones.

2. Establish your own cosy reading nook

Creating a DIY reading nook in your home is a great way to add some extra space for relaxation and enjoyment and will display your efforts with interior design. Start by selecting a corner in your home that is free from distractions. You can then add some cosy furniture such as a comfortable chair or bean bag and a small table for your books and magazines.

To make the space even more inviting, add some comfy bedding, a throw blanket, and some pillows. You can also hang some wall art or add a few bookshelves to store your favourite reads. Finally, add some warm lighting to set the mood and make it a welcoming spot to curl up and read.

3. Create your own gallery wall 

Putting up a gallery wall in your home is a great way to add personality and style to any room. Start by selecting the items you would like to hang on your wall. Choose items that you love to plan your gallery wall and consider items that reflect your style and personality. Consider a mix of framed photographs, prints, art, mirrors, and other wall hangings.

Place the items on the floor in front of the wall you plan to hang them on. Arrange them in a way that is pleasing to you and allows for some gaps between items. Use a measuring tape and a level to mark the placement of each item on the wall. Use appropriate mounting hardware to securely hang each item.

4. Design a custom lampshade

Creating a custom lampshade is a great way to add a unique touch to any room. It’s also an easy and inexpensive DIY project that requires minimal supplies. To begin, you’ll need to select a lampshade frame and fabric of your choice.

To attach the fabric, use a staple gun to make sure it’s secure. Then, cut the fabric to size, ensuring that it’s slightly larger than the frame to allow for a proper fit. Once the fabric is attached, use a hot glue gun to attach trim around the top and bottom of the shade. This will give your lampshade a polished look. With a few simple steps, you’ve created a personalised lampshade.

5. Modern floating shelves

Installing modern looking floating shelves is a great way to add storage and decorative value to your home. It is also a relatively simple project that you can do yourself with a few basic steps. You will need to measure the space you want to install the shelves and cut the boards to the correct size.

Once the boards are cut, you will need to mark the wall where the brackets will be mounted. Make sure to use a level to make sure the brackets are correctly aligned. Next, you will need to drill pilot holes into the wall, and then attach the brackets with the screws. Once the brackets are in place, you will need to attach the shelves to the brackets, making sure to check that they are level and secure. You can then decorate with items of your choosing, you can use photos and other items to add a personal touch.


Photos by Spacejoy on Unsplash