The vintage apartment style – tips to achieve it

Are you a fan of the stylish vintage apartment look? You know, we are talking about stunning period furniture, decorations and old charm? Read on to spark your creativity and find out how to achieve this style in your space or what to look at when hunting for another apartment.

1. Vintage apartment style: Highlight Historic Architecture

Don’t just focus on the furniture and decorations inside the apartment; admire the historic architecture as well. Look for details such as original hardwood floors, crown moldings, fireplaces, and other classic features to give your space a distinct look that’s all its own. Highlighting these details allows you to create the quintessential vintage abode with your own special take on style.

The vintage apartment style - tips to achieve it

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2. Mix and Match Unique Furniture

When it comes to styling a vintage apartment, consider mixing and matching unique pieces of furniture for a truly special look. Seek out vintage finds from thrift stores, flea markets, or even garage sales to get your hands on one-of-a-kind furniture. Thus, they will fit perfectly into the style you envision for your vintage abode. From period pieces to colourful statement chairs, curate an eclectic mix of antiques along with modern staples that stand out in the space.

The vintage apartment style - tips to achieve it

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3. Incorporate Eye-catching Color Schemes

Experiment with  colors to instantly add a cheerful and vibrant look to your vintage apartment. Vivid colored walls brighten the entire space and give an air of playfulness. Opt for bold hues like royal blue, emerald green or rusty orange to mimic the color palette of old days.

You can also introduce vivid colors through statement pieces such as patterned lighting fixtures and artsy decor pieces like abstract paintings. To balance out the vividness, incorporate black furniture that creates a sleek contrast against bright colors.

The vintage apartment style - tips to achieve it

4. Display Lively Wallpaper Patterns

Introduce a mix of bright colors, intriguing textures and interesting shapes to your walls by installing custom wallpaper. Floral prints, geometric designs, textured wallpapers in bold hues – the possibilities are endless! With so many pattern options available, you’ll have fun selecting the right one that goes with your vintage decor. This is an easy way to spice up any space and make it look alive while still sticking to the vintage theme.

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