5 Best Home Organization Projections That Won’t Break the Bank

You might think that in order to get your house organized and tidy, you have to spend hundreds of dollars on organization projects. That’s not true! It is totally possible to get your home neat and tidy without breaking the bank.

Here are some of our favorite home organization projects that won’t break the bank. 

1. Mindful Decluttering

Decluttering isn’t just something you should do when you’re prepping for a home sale. It’s an essential starting point when you’re trying to get your home more organized. There’s absolutely no reason to stress yourself out trying to figure out how to organize your junk! Go through your home one room at a time and decide what you need and what you can part ways with. 

2. Opt for Functional Organization

Pinterest and social media may be great places to get inspiration when you want to give your home a new look. We’re drawn in by the beautiful aesthetics, but they usually come at a cost. Instead of focusing on the way things look, focus on the functionality of the things you bring into your home. For example, instead of buying a Cricut to make labels for your pantry, consider a simple label maker instead – or even hand-write your labels. 

3. Customizable Storage Solutions

Customizable storage solutions, like tricked-out pantries and elaborate closets, are fine and well if you want a fully personalized space. However, for that ultimate personalized organization, you can expect to spend a pretty penny. WayFair, IKEA, and even Amazon have affordable modular storage units that you can use to achieve a similar look to a custom closet without spending a whole lot of money. Plus, if you do want to sell your home and don’t want to lug those huge storage units, you may be able to factor the cost of the units into the value of your home

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4. Repurpose Items You Already Own

Instead of going out to your favorite home decor store to buy expensive acrylic bins to achieve an aesthetic look, why not repurpose items you already own? Granted, shoe boxes, old coffee cans, or whatever other containers you may have lying around. If you’re not keen on the way the items look, you can flex your crafting skills… or grab a can of spray paint. 

5. Flea Market Flips for Cheap Storage

If you’re particularly creative, the flea market is a fantastic place to go to find cool pieces of furniture that can be repurposed to suit your needs. For example, if you find an old curio cabinet, you can use it in a small kitchen like a pantry. Likewise, if you find a dresser that you like, you could use that to store items like towels, wash clothes, and other toiletries for the bathroom. 

It’s still early in 2023, and there’s plenty of time to keep your new year’s resolutions. If you’re trying to get your home more organized, these are a few projects that’ll help you stay on track. 


Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

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