2023 Bathroom design trends to follow

2023 has great things in store for us when it comes to bathroom designs. As the new year is right around the corner, people are looking for new stylish looks for their bathrooms, especially if renovations have been on their list for a while. The good news is that 2023 has something for everyone. So, whether you have a big or small bathroom, there are several ways to make it look great.

We listed some great 2023 bathroom design trends suggested by Cabinet Set pros that you may want to look into. So, keep on reading for some inspiration.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines are becoming favorites for next year. One great way to obtain them is by using long subway tiles in this area. However, you can also add some cabinets with vertical lines for the same effect.

Photo by Oana Oachesu for DailyDreamDecor

2023 Bathroom design trends: Mixing Multiple Styles

Mixing different patterns is not exactly a new idea, especially for people who like working with details. In fact, more and more individuals are interested in bold and fun patterns today.

For this, you can always use colorful tiles or bathroom wallpaper. This allows you to think outside the box and get a unique design that can’t be seen elsewhere. One thing to note is that if you’re going to use wallpaper, make sure it’s waterproof so that it doesn’t get ruined by water and high humidity levels.

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2023 Bathroom design trends: Modern Gothic

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to see darker tones in bathrooms. Some people like a little bit of darkness, as it gives them a feeling of peace.

Although the gothic trend was preferred centuries ago, it’s making a return in 2023. However, it has been redone to fit contemporary homes. The focus is on vertical elements, as well as predominantly dark colors. Ornate and intricate details are also common. Contrary to popular belief, these elements allow you to unwind and relax.

Not to mention that modern gothic bathrooms are also extremely luxurious, dramatic, and bold.


Photo by Андрей Постовой on Unsplash

2023 Bathroom design trends: Patterned Drapery

Drapery is something that perhaps wasn’t on your mind, but it’s something you may be interested in for next year for a change. Patterned drapery is going to be quite trendy. You can use it to add some personality to your relaxing spot.

“Because bathrooms are generally made up of all hard surfaces — tile, stone, plumbing, hardware, and mirrors — adding a layer of texture and pattern with window treatments can really soften the space and add some warmth to an otherwise cold room,” says Lila Malone from Lila Malone Interiors.

2023 Bathroom design trends: Pampering Spots

In 2023, you’re more likely to see bathrooms with seats inside. And we’re not talking about the toilets themselves. These extra seats allow you to sit in silence while creating your spa routine in the comfort of your home. You can sit there and apply your favorite body lotion or simply watch a film or read a book while your face mask sets on your skin.

Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

Naturalistic Vanities

Wood vanities are making a return in 2023. Now, people are starting to move back to wood textures after sticking to white vanities for years. With wood vanities, you can invite nature into your house.

These pieces will offer the bathroom more warmth, making it cozier. It also makes the overall design more complex and richer.

Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

These are the main bathroom design trends that we’ll see in 2023. Any of these styles will transform your bathroom into a unique relaxation spot. So, which one will it be?