The 7 Best fireplace Christmas decor tips

Christmas time is nearing, and what better way to celebrate the festive season than with interior design? 

If you’re looking to spice up your decoration game in time for Christmas, we have partnered up with Fires2U for all the festive hints and tips you’ll need. Stay with us to discover more about the 7  best fireplace Christmas decor trends. 

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1. Commit to a Colour Scheme

Colour coordination is an excellent way to decorate your fireplace cohesively.  Choose a festive shade, such as red, green or white and purchase some matching decorations. Adorn your hearth with red tinsel, baubles and tiny Santas. Or, buy a green garland and complement it with pillar candles and baubles in varying shades of emerald and fern. 

Go crazy with a snow theme! Sprinkle festive snowflakes and fake dusting across your hearth. Once finished, your fireplace will look like it’s been pulled straight from the pages of a winter wonderland story.

Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

2. Decorate with Festive Flowers

Whoever said flowers aren’t Christmassy is mistaken: they most certainly are!  Although commonly associated with summer, flower garlands are a decadent, elegant way to decorate your fireplace this Christmas.  Dried flowers complement garlands effortlessly, especially when cascaded across your mantelpiece. 

Either select your favourite flowers or go for more traditional Christmas foliage, like the Amaryllis, Poinsettia or Azaleas. 

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

3. Light up your Fireplace!

You might be thinking: but a fireplace already provides light, why add more? Well, layering lighting is an excellent way to increase the depth and warmth of any room.  Atmospheric lighting can increase the festive feeling of your fireplace by a mile. Shop for chrome or golden candlestick holders and stick your favourite candles inside. 

Hang fairy lights above your fireplace and set them to a light twinkling effect for extra added magic.  Or, if you prefer simplicity, light a selection of colourful tealights and spread them across your mantel. Just make sure they’re not close to anything flammable! 

5. Drape Decorative Curtains

Our next tip is a beautiful way to make the most of the space around your fireplace.  Take a shopping trip to the fabric store and find some Christmas-coloured drapery to hang centrally over your hearth.  Once you’ve found the perfect fabric, use curtain hold-backs to secure your drapery above your fireplace and purchase some festive tie-back tassels to hold the flowing fabric in place.

This tip will work great if you have a framed photograph or centrepiece above your mantel. Drapery adds an extra dimension to your decorations while enhancing the Christmas impact! 

All you have to do is ensure your fabric stays far away from the fireplace while it’s in use. 

6. Get Crafty

Add a personal touch to your fireplace this Christmas by getting the whole family to decorate it!  Purchase traditional gift stockings with personalised names and embellishments. Hang them off your mantle alongside baubles and decorations chosen by each house member.  Christmas is a time for family and friends, so why not make your decorations a collaborative effort? With a little piece of everyone on your fireplace, you’ll be reminded of your loved ones each time you turn it on.  

7. Choose Fires2U for your wood-burning stove!

We hope to have inspired you with our seven best fireplace Christmas decor ideas for 2022.  Remember, when you’re looking for high-quality solid-fuel stoves and wood burners for sale online, Fires2U have an extensive selection ready to be ordered. Simply click the link to get started! 

Cover photo  by Alsu Vershinina on Unsplash 

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