Powder Rooms: the biggest bathroom trend for 2023

Enhance the visitor experience and treat yourself to a touch of luxury by fitting a beautiful powder room in your home – the biggest bathroom trend for 2023.

What is a powder room?

First introduced into noble courts to give courtiers a private space for freshening their wigs, the powder room eventually became a feature of most larger modern houses following World War II. It was at this time when an indoor bathroom became a requirement for each home, and it was easy to fit an additional half-bath at the same time.

Powder rooms are usually relatively small, housing just two out of the four elements of a main bathroom – most often the toilet and sink, but sometimes a shower instead of the sink. Intended for guest use, they are commonly found on the ground floor, typically built into the space under the stairs. As bathrooms become an increasingly important feature for prospective buyers, the powder room is enjoying a revival as one of the hottest bathroom trends for 2023.

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Power room design ideas

Traditionally, these half-baths have been focused on functionality rather than style. Those lucky enough to have existing powder rooms in their homes are likely to find that they are painted one plain colour with a simple mirror over the sink, and they are often overlooked when it comes to redecoration because rooms used more frequently are prioritised in home improvement plans.

However, the powder room is an opportunity to express yourself fully with bold colours, patterns, and a unique dressing area. Often closed away and rarely used, you do not have to worry about the space being overwhelmed by the decoration – indeed, this is your chance to experiment with your favourite colours and trends.

Popular luxury powder room designs include a feature wall with vibrant wallpaper or a full-sized mural, echoing back to the sumptuous décor of old palaces. If you prefer more neutrality in your décor, consider sinks built out of beautiful marble, ornate mirrors, and a vintage wooden dresser.

Top tips for renovation

As fitting a powder room involves plumbing and electrical knowledge, it is unlikely that you can take this on as a DIY project. When welcoming professionals into your home for a renovation project, make sure that safety is a priority – making a claim is an option if an accident occurs but it is best to safeguard against injury.

Before the work starts, clear your loose possessions out of the ground floor and move them upstairs to keep them protected. Cover carpets with old curtains or plastic sheeting to collect debris. During renovation, ensure that all tools are being used correctly and materials are being stored safely, and keep yourself and other house residents away from the room.

The finishing touches

Once everything in installed and the main decoration has been completed, take some time to add finishing touches to transform the powder room into an utterly perfect space for you and your guests. Simple things such as scent diffusers go a long way, and it is always useful to include some sort of basket or drawer to keep bathroom essentials close at hand but out of sight.

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