What colour goes with grey in a bathroom?

The colour grey is often underrated when it comes to interior design. While it’s an effective choice if you’re looking for a neutral colour palette, it’s often passed over in favour of beiges and creams. Yet grey is a great choice for your interior design, whether you are styling soft grey bathroom accessories or dark grey bathroom tiles.

Grey is a popular colour with modern designers as it offers the ability to be neutral while retaining an edgy, cosmopolitan feel that’s tough to achieve with the more traditionally chosen creams and magnolias. If you’re wanting to redesign your home this year and wondering what colour goes with grey in a bathroom, then take a look at some grey bathroom colour scheme inspiration below.

How can grey be used in a bathroom?

When paired with the right colour, grey makes a great choice for your bathroom design. It offers neutrality and stylish practicality that works well with a wide array of aesthetics and interior design choices. It allows other colours to shine in comparison while effectively flattering period features in the room. It goes perfectly with marble and stone textures and gives any bathroom an instantly contemporary glow-up.

It’s also timeless; there’s no need to worry about this colour choice going out of fashion thanks to its versatility and appeal. Grey can be used in your bathroom in a variety of ways. You may opt for grey bathroom tiles on your floor, walls, or both. Grey paint can give a chic finish to half-tiled walls, while grey accessories or furniture can complement the rest of your design.

What colour goes with grey in a bathroom?

There are a variety of colours available to choose from which can either compliment or contrast with a grey bathroom design. For some great colour inspiration, you might want to wait until the New Year and see which shades are chosen as ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2023, or you might want to take inspiration from some Pantone colours over recent years.

This year’s ‘Very Peri’ could be a bold addition to any bathroom colour scheme. But if you want to explore some staple colours that are the most popular to pair with grey, then take a look at this inspiration below! They’ll look great used for bath towels, bathroom tiles, and more.

Pairing crisp white with your grey bathroom colour scheme

White is the perfect colour to pair with darker greys to ensure the room remains bright. A contrasting colour between your wall or floor tiles and other room elements is a great way to make everything pop.

While a bright colour can be good for this, white is also a great way to do it that keeps the room neutral. Fresh white fluffy towels or polished white porcelain against grey bathroom tiles is a classic yet fresh look that never fails to impress.

Using two versatile colours together: black & grey

If you’re looking for a contrasting colour that goes well with grey but gives you an edgier, darker finish, black is definitely the way to go. Paired with paler greys you can achieve high contrast, but it can be equally effective with darker grey tones.

Provided you have ample lighting in your bathroom, there shouldn’t be an issue, but do be aware that using darker colours for everything can make a room look smaller. An easy fix for this is a large mirror in the room to reflect the light, and a black frame against grey bathroom tiles, coupled with additional black accessories, is a chic aesthetic.

Creating a beautiful aesthetic with pink and grey

For a stylish splash of colour, one of the best partners for grey is pink. The contrast is pleasing, and you can achieve a surprising range of aesthetics by opting for different shades. Soft baby pink is light, bright, and subtle, while hot pink is richer, playful, and daring. Some of the most popular bathroom design trends for 2022 included bold tiling and colourful grouting, so perhaps this is where you could utilise pink and grey. Pairing grey grouting with grey tiles or even with hot pink mosaic tiling can help you create a bold and eye-catching look.

When choosing pink for your bathroom, be sure to match the undertones of your grey. For example, if you’re opting for a blue-grey, opt for a pink that’s on the blue or purple side (rather than the red/orange).

Opting for green earthy colours with a grey bathroom colour scheme

 It might not be the first colour you think of when wondering what colour goes with grey in a bathroom, but another great colour to pair with grey in a bathroom is green. The combination can easily create a relaxed, eye-catching finish with earthy undertones and a more nature-driven vibe.

You might want to go bold with deep forest green or opt for a more softer tone with a sage green bathroom, paired with grey accents and any other colours which may go. It’s particularly effective when paired with natural wood, so if you’re planning on having wooden furniture in your bathroom, this may be a perfect choice.


Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash