How to give your bathroom spa-style sparkle

Even while going to the spa occasionally is a much-needed and pleasant experience, it’s not always physically or financially feasible to do so every week, month, or year. Nevertheless, since self-care is vital, we kindly ask you to do so occasionally.

Designing a spa bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. Even though there will be some initial expenses, once you have added a few spa-like products or amenities to your bathroom, you can enjoy that opulent feeling for nothing. In addition, you can easily incorporate that spa hotel sense into your bathroom by focusing on a few opulent pieces or simply having a tidy-up.

Fortunately, there are methods to recreate the spa experience at home, and the greatest place to do so is in none other than your bathroom. You can transform your bathroom into a spa with a few easy changes. Here we will go through what you can do to give your bathroom the spa feeling.

1. Keep It Tidy

Everyone is thinking about decluttering these days, so you should include the bathroom on your list of spaces to clean. Sort through your old cosmetics and skin care products and discard anything you don’t need. At the very least, put them in a basket or consider hiding them in a cabinet or drawer. When creating a spa-like ambience, it’s crucial to ensure your area is clean and organised because entering a cluttered bathroom can increase stress.

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2. Soft, Luxurious Linens

Usually, taking a long bath is soothing, but you realise that getting new towels has fallen way down your list of priorities. On the other hand, nothing helps a restroom feel more like a spa than a warm, fluffy towel.

A simple approach to improve your bathroom experience is to update your towels and rugs. A long soak is best accompanied by white, fluffy towels directly from the radiator, creating a luxurious hotel vacation atmosphere. Drench offers a wide selection of heated towel rails that will keep you cosy and at ease long after you exit the tub.

3. Neutral, Calm Colours

There is a reason why spas never use loud colours or designs that draw attention to themselves. While they may be great show stoppers, simplicity and minimalism are crucial when it comes to relaxing, so tranquil, neutral colours are the way to go.

Like indoor plants, earthy hues like browns, greys, and greens will give your bathroom a great organic vibe. Whites, beige, and light grey are neutral colours that will help your bathroom appear larger. Less is more; the ideal method to embrace minimalism and preserve that cosy spa-like ambience is to combine neutral colours with warmer gold or brass accents.

You could look at the cost of installing a new bath if you wanted to have neutral walls and a dark bath to relax in. This then allows you to add some darker accessories within your bathroom.

4. Bathroom spa-style: Additional Greenery

Never undervalue the influence of a houseplant! Increased oxygen levels indoors will lower air pressure, blood pressure, heart rate, fatigue and anxiety. Because of the profound impact that houseplants can have on our mood, they are essential to the design of a spa bathroom.

The nicest thing about indoor plants is how well they complement any decor. A smaller plant will fit on even the smallest surfaces if you don’t have much room. If you have enough room, choose a bold and bright plant.

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5. Diffuse Lighting

One of the essential elements of designing the ideal spa bathroom is to stay away from bright lighting. Instead, you want mood lighting and gentle glows. Bright lighting and quick showers may be appropriate for early mornings, but the reverse is needed for evenings spent in your spa bathroom. It’s crucial to give yourself the choice of both for this reason.

Many contemporary mirrors and bathroom cabinets have LED lights that you can activate with a wave of the hand, but a dimmer switch makes it easiest to control the brightness. In addition, dimmer switches enable you to quickly go from a fully awake state in the morning to a completely relaxed state.

6. Bathroom spa-style: Various Metals

Mixed metals are popular right now, especially in bathrooms. Your bathroom will have a very upscale and boutique-like appearance if warmer metals like gold and brass are combined with cooler metals like chrome or nickel. Mixed metals are now a definite yes-yes when designing the ideal spa bathroom since they provide character, warmth, and elegance to the space. Previously, mixed metals were a complete no-no in bathroom design.

Mixed metals are popular, but it doesn’t mean anything is acceptable. When it comes to metals, it’s better to have one dominating metal finish along with one or two smaller accent pieces, especially in a compact space like the bathroom.

Using inventive tap designs is one of the finest ways to incorporate metals into your spa bathroom. Since the taps for many bathtubs, sinks, and showers must be purchased separately, now is the time to get inventive. For example, warmer-coloured faucets can be combined with chrome or nickel fixtures and accessories to achieve the spa aesthetic without going crazy.

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7. Accessories

A cost-effective way to give your bathroom a bit more elegance is using scented candles. Candles will provide the perfect ambience for you to relax while taking a bath. If you prefer not to utilise open flames, you may also fill your bathroom with the aromatic, calming aromas of choice using a basic reed diffuser or some essential oils.

Playing music is a great way to add some tranquilly to your bathroom. Even something as simple as your morning shower can be slightly improved by including your favourite tracks. However, soothing playlists are the way to go in the evening to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Nowadays, many bathroom fixtures have Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to play music directly into the space. Set up a soothing music mix for meditation and relaxation for some much-needed self-care.